A Letter To America

Dear America,

I’m writing to inform you of a grave situation requiring immediate attention. Despite previous correspondence on the subject, your refusal to acknowledge or attempt resolution is troubling. Effective immediately –  it is unacceptable to hide behind the 2nd amendment, your “right to bear arms”  destroys the very fabric of your nation.

Today’s shooting at Seattle Pacific University killed one, injured 3 more. Further carnage – halted by a brave student who disarmed suspect Aaron Ybarra as he re-loaded his gun.  26 year old Ybarra has been arrested – KIRO news in Seattle reports Ybarra obsessed over the Columbine massacre, had traveled to Columbine and wanted to “shoot up a school”.

With flowers still fresh at memorials in Isla Vista California where Elliot Rogers recently killed 6 and injured 7 – America can no longer hide behind illogical protestations of constitutional rights to defend themselves.

Students don’t carry firearms in their lunch pail, movie goers haven’t a hand gun in their popcorn, office workers can’t pull a gun out of holsters. Consistent white washing of the gun problem must cease.  Any chance of regaining your former glory teeters on swift action – failing to pull heads from the sand will be your undoing.

Fooling yourselves with stock answers like ” guns don’t kill people, people kill people” or “mental illness, not guns is the problem” are laughably insufficient. Guns are your biggest problem – easy access to weapons  kills people. Crazy will always be crazy, mental illness is an issue unto itself – handing weapons to “crazy”, refusing to limit semi-automatic weapons, allowing self proclaimed militia groups to stock pile arsenals, bowing to powerful NRA lobby pressure – just makes you crazy.

America – you need to get a grip, snap out of your fuzzy illusions of an outdated constitution – demand gun reform. I know it won’t be easy, I realize your fundamental belief guns keep you safe is hard to shake. I sympathize with the backlash, the onslaught of pressure a new found backbone will create – change is never achieved without the fortitude of ordinary citizens demanding a better world.

Your childish refusal to grasp the gravity of this situation will ultimately lead to demise of the very nation you claim to respect. Stop embarrassing yourselves, all that stands between you and fantasy of your once great nation – is your  pig headed stubbornness to put reason before propaganda. You should be ashamed of yourselves.







29 thoughts on “A Letter To America

  1. The Second Amendment

    When I was a child anxious with Christmas wants,
    Taking hold of the precious gift handed me
    In turn I knew, before I had grabbed and flung
    The unwanted blood red satin bow behind the sofa,
    Where all my joy was to be found. I grew up
    Knowing Roy, Dale, Hoppa-Long Cassidy
    And the purity of the masked man’s intentions
    To protect the innocent and establish law and order.
    The triumph of the justice they meted out
    Lay wholly in their god blessed gifts to outdraw
    Every villain that dared to think that might was right
    When it came to taking what was not theirs.

    For weeks I wore my double holstered peacemakers
    Everywhere except the bath, even sleeping
    Where in my dreams I was the one who saved
    The day by getting the best of the desperados
    Who had taken my heroes from behind.
    Saying cool and confidently, “Drop your guns!”
    Earned their thanks and became one of them.

    Somewhere since I have long misplaced
    My plastic Silver Bullet and those six shooters
    –Bought by an excited collector long gone
    From some Good Will they made their way to..
    I did not realize then I was being taught to live
    In the violence my country was embraced to.

    We are no longer the Wild West, a drive-by
    Saves no rancher from a cattle baron over water
    And hunting wild game with weapons firing
    Multiple rounds per-second is just more absurd
    Than using it to waste school children away
    Simply because they happened to be there.

    We are a land of the free and the violent.
    Husbands shoot wives then kill themselves
    Because the opportunity existed to take place.
    The world sees us as a nation gone insane
    In twisting the words meant to provide us
    For the common defense so that we should
    Just as well give everyone an automatic gun,
    Beg the questions do we really need police?
    What reason is there to have a standing army?

    • I grew up in a sleepy, polite corner of rural Canada. My Dad hunted game, my brothers watched spaghetti westerns, John Wayne was “the man”. We built fortresses – defending them with toy pistols – sometimes we were cowboys, other times super heroes or armies standing up to Mongol hordes. It was harmless fantasy.

      The problem from my perspective is that “real guns” were only for hunting. The notion of using them to defend ourselves was so far removed from reality as to become fantasy.

      Canadians grew up unfettered by concepts of self defense – by that I mean it never occurred to anyone guns were needed to protect our way of life. Canada took up arms during the great wars to protect humanity from evil – we wouldn’t contemplate ever needing those arms at home.

      Watching in horror as rancher Cliven Bundy rallies a militia armed with semi automatic weapons to hold Federal officials at bay, neighborhood watch zealot Lyle Zimmerman walking away free as a bird after murdering Trayvon Martin, mass shootings too numerous to list – I cringe with a disbelief so profound it escapes words.

      I wonder how obvious absurdity is able to trickle past Americans without the bat of an eye.We used to travel a lot in the US – now, you couldn’t pay me to cross the border. America is a scary place – as for the standing army…

      Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding has always been the founding fathers penciled in the right to bear arms so they could easily raise a militia if the British decided to challenge their expulsion from America 🙂

  2. Dear notestoponder,

    I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!



  3. Way back in 1996 the Port Arthur massacre occurred on Australia’s island State of Tasmania – 35 killed and 23 wounded. Australia’s government of the day soon after banned and heavily restricted the legal ownership and use of self-loading rifles, self-loading and pump-action shotguns, and heavily tightened controls on their legal use; gun buy-back scheme was introduced and the foot came down heavily against gun ownership…US needs the resolve of this kind otherwise the “movie goers, the university students, the school children, the shoppers…” will need to star carrying arms especially as the reality is that a crazed shooter appears almost every week killing, wounding innocent people… great letter to America!

    • The situation in America is beyond absurd. As a Canadian I have difficulty wrapping my head around such obvious crazy – Canadian border guards didn’t even carry a hand gun until last year. I grew up on a farm – my Dad hunted, that’s what guns were for (shotguns, not semi-automatic assault rifles) We won’t even travel to the U.S. anymore – a short half hour drive from the border and it might as well be the moon. The country has lost its mind, and steadfastly sputters protestations about constitutional rights. Yikes, it scares me to death. I haven’t much hope a collective light bulb will go off anytime soon.

    • I may loose my mind on certain topics but never go berserk enough to paint all Americans with the same brush. Canada and any country for that matter has its fair share of shenanigans.

      American gun culture is something I will never understand. Thank goodness enough reasonable people exist to glue it all together.(Now you understand why I had to vent with a few cocktails and Kid Rock dance party) 🙂

      • 🙂 Believe me, many of US have no idea what gives with the gun culture. You are not alone. Whether the glue will stick has yet to be seen. It’s amazing to me that we an suffer an epidemic of such shootings and not take any meaningful action — but the U.S. is all about capitalism and goodness knows that there are a lot of bucks to be made in arms — legal and otherwise, civilian and military. It’s a special interest group that will not go away peacefully.

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