Fly Mind Altering Device

A science team chaired by Andrew Straw of the Institute of Molecular Pathology ( IMP is a bio-medical research facility located in Vienna ) has come up with a device to control brain cells of flies. Genetic tinkering was needed to modify fruit flies for heat and light sensitivity. Fly Mind Altering Device (FlyMAD) targeted specific body parts with heat and light to alterĀ  behavior – they made flies “sing and dance” with remarkable accuracy.

My head tells me research of this nature is helpful in understanding brain function – my gut has trouble digesting mind control. Without question, FlyMAD is a clever name. I’m sure the researchers were pleased with themselves for coming up with a tidy project name – simple, accurate – just not something that sits well outside the science club house.

“Mind Control” isn’t a research term I want to hear. Likewise “MAD”, as in “mad scientist”. I know I’m being ridiculous – whining over a project name rather than pondering important scientific research is petty. The world has enough trouble with talk of privacy and “big brother” – the last thing we need is for conspiracy nutters to latch onto mind control research. Perception is everything – Targeted Response Altering Program (FlyTRAP) would have eliminated my over reaction.