B.C. Spanks Trinity Law

By a vote of 3,210 to 968, British Columbia Lawyers voted in Vancouver today to reject Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. opening an accredited Law School. A non-binding vote, with overwhelming opposition to previous approval from the Law Society – rules stipulate that if results of the vote aren’t implemented in a year, members can force a binding referendum.

Why all the fuss? This Christian institution requires students to sign a pledge promising to abstain from sex outside heterosexual marriage – in essence, Canadian law recognizing same sex unions are worthless on the campus of Trinity Western. Likewise, any applicant not up to strict codes of “moral conduct”, regardless of legal rights. The link below is to a post I wrote when Trinity first received approval to discriminate and exclude ….


Kudos to British Columbia Lawyers for telling Trinity Western, and parent Evangelical Free Church of Canada to behave themselves.




3 thoughts on “B.C. Spanks Trinity Law

  1. Behave themselves? They are free to believe whatever they want. What we don’t need is lawyers believing they are above the law.

    • Yes – behave themselves 🙂 Conduct themselves politely, respectfully and in accordance to “law of the land”. I’m flabbergasted TWU even got initial approval to school hundreds of prospective Lawyers in flagrant disregard for basic human rights outlined in the Canadian Criminal Code.”Christian” arrogance has no place in Law.

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