Bowe Bergdahl Nonsense

Obama bashing erupted with giddy vengeance following news of a prisoner trade with the Taliban for American soldier Bowe Bergdahl. Hardly able to contain themselves, right wing hot heads wasted no time calling foul on Obama and the Democrats. How dare the administration “negotiate” with terrorists?  Allegations Bergdahl was captured after deserting his post, fueled in no small part by Bill O’Reilly’s asinine statements – Bergdahl was a un-American deserter,  converted to Islam, and his father looked like a member of the Taliban.

Bowe Bergdahl survived years of unimaginable abuse. Torture, beatings, months held inside a metal cage in total darkness. His father claims he grew the beard in solidarity for his son, learning regional dialects in hopes of talking to the captors. Sgt. Bergdahl and his family have endured more than any of us could fathom.

Pondering reactions of opportunistic right wing trash talkers, a depressing and sobering prospect – a prospect close to eroding my few remaining shreds of optimism. In this case, optimism is defined as my hope average Americans can resist over blown anti-government grand standing, in favor of finding a crumb of decency to welcome Bergdahl home while allowing the truth to be determined.

Attempting reason with a pack of rabid dogs is futile. All I can offer are some facts – if nothing else, throwing them at America makes me feel better.

Soap box hysteria claiming  Taliban men exchanged for Bergdahl are poised to eradicate America’s way of life – alarmist propaganda at best. Statistically only 29% of detainees released  from Guantanamo make their way back to the Taliban. Compare that to the 2/3’s of American citizens who find themselves back in jail within 3 years of release from American prisons.

Your red faced indignation over Obama ignoring a perceived “America will not negotiate with terrorists” policy – stop listening to Fox News and spend a few minutes pondering reality. Jimmy Carter bargained for release of Iranian hostages. Ronald Reagan bargained for hostages held in Lebanon by agreeing to send arms to Iran – come on people, brush up on your history and remember a secret deal by Republican Ronald Reagan to use Israel to ship weapons to Iran, resupply Israel and come off smelling like a rose. Has America forgotten the disintegrating plan which ultimately led to funds from arms sales to Iran being diverted to support anti-Communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua?

What I find most disturbing is a willingness to seize upon blind  “discredit Obama” sentiment.  Claiming Obama destroys American values, using Bowe Bergdahl’s release as fuel for right wing campfires. Void of compassion, oblivious to “no soldier left behind” values, bereft of common decency, let alone intentions to stand behind your soldiers.

I have no doubt the “gotcha Obama” crew are mighty pleased with themselves. You must be patting each other on the backs, high fiving your good fortune, lost in a hazy delusion of righteous victory. All I can tell you is how pathetically un-American you are. How you dishonor the military, mock fundamental codes of conduct – all for the sake of your twisted political agenda. Using Bowe Bergdahl to bolster anti government propaganda is shameful – believe me when I tell you, no one is buying your embarrassing diversion.

Berdahl is an American soldier – his service and conduct, not the business of narrow minded lunatics bent on discrediting the government. Those of you calling him a deserter, making death threats against his family, claiming he converted to Islam (thus has become a terrorist) – while gleefully attacking Obama for bringing him home – know that you are the reason America struggles. You’re acting like petulant children – children in need of a “time out”.

Give it a rest Bergdahl haters. We all know you’re Obama haters – show us you’re capable of putting this issue in perspective by acknowledging your bias. Stop playing games and admit you care more for slamming Obama than waiting for actual facts in the Bergdahl case. Allow the military to sort out Bergdahl’s circumstances. Until such time as concrete proof exists in support of your hysterical accusations – put your claws away and allow an American soldier to come home.


7 thoughts on “Bowe Bergdahl Nonsense

  1. So very odd how the Conservatives can’t seem to be able to distinguish between Al Queda and Taliban. As ghastly as they are, the Taliban are nationalists with no interests whatsoever outside their own borders.

  2. Ponder — I think it’s about time we stop calling the abuse of Obama anything other than pure racism. There are a lot of people here who are just… and still… pissed off that a Black Man won the election — and not even by hanging chads. If Hillary wins — she’ll share in the same abuse because white men are gonna be mightily pissed that control no longer resides in their greedy hands.

    As a parent I haven’t yet bought into ‘times out’ — I favor a little heavier handed route — notwithstanding that I’m still a pacifist. :-\

    • There are entire web sites dedicated to explaining why Obama is Muslim and what his secret insidious agenda involves.He didn’t stand a chance – not only black but saddled with a name that strikes fear in the hearts of ignorant wing nuts. Demanding the President produces his birth certificate? Holy crap!

      I’m going to dig up and send you a comment received last year from an American woman – it will make your hair stand on end 🙂

    • Found it…..

      Submitted on 2013/06/15 at 7:10 am



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      Because Obama’s faith, or lack thereof, interferes with our lives. Initially he claimed to be Christian then he went to visit some foreign country and bowed deeply to the Prince who was Muslim. They hugged. If Obama was a ‘Christian’, he would not have bowed. His deep bow indicated submission and respect to that leader. In essence dragging out country with him. Muslims do not hug anyone but other Muslims.
      Then Obama claims that he is Muslim. His accent is quite good when using their words, so it’s not something foreign to him. Yet this past Easter, while addressing his audience he says…”as we Christians”, including himself. Either the man can’t make up his mind what religion he is, or he thinks we are too stupid to know you cannot be both a Christian and a Muslim.
      He has put Muslims in numerous aspects of the government, military and businesses. That way, when Obama is out of office, there will be other Muslims to take over.
      Now, tell me. How do you not consider this a problem? They do not believe in our way of life. They do not respect our laws, nor do they feel they need to obey our laws. They believe the only good Christian is a dead one. By the way, that includes anyone not of the Muslim faith which means agnostics, scientists, and Jehovah’s Witness, etc.
      Another thought to keep in mind, it’s 144,000, not 170,000; and they actually have passed that number. The only problem with that religion is they are a bit ahead of schedule. The Rapture has to take place first then God calls 144,000 of those that are left on earth to be witnesses for Christ. It’s all explained in the Book of Revelation.
      I haven’t quite figured out how to take you, if you’re serious or not about Obama. You might just be trying to annoy people and find out who you can rile the most. I know it’s in God’s hands, and He is still in control. Why I’m taking the bait at 3 AM is anybody’s guess. Good night.

      • That is beyond chilling.

        The thing is that people like this don’t realize the danger they present — or the fact that their own views become as dangerous as the ones they are trying to wipe away — if in fact they were even true, or existed.

        The whole thing about vehement hatred, and even spite — the willingness to harm someone else even if in doing so you hurt yourself worse…. is so irrational but it’s also so common…..

        I’ll never understand hatred or the impulse to go to war. There have been times that even this pacifist guy has been willing to strike out — but always in measure…. but some people know no bounds…. Thanks for sharing…..

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