Sunday Night Musical Ponder

Sunday evening often brings a musical ponder. All I ask – a few minutes listening to one of the shadow people you scurry past every day. Rendered invisible, inhabiting a realm outside our comfort zone – we avoid eye contact, pretend to look at our phones, or brace our delicate sensibilities until well beyond their presence.

Drug addiction, mental illness, violence, poverty and circumstance – not easy to solve. I’m not asking for, or expecting acknowledgement as the magic wand capable of wiping it away. All I could hope for is a fleeting moment of realization – a moment when compassion allows us to see people hidden in the shadows.

One thought on “Sunday Night Musical Ponder

  1. I wrote this about an encounter with one of these moments.

    Today I saw a man see in my soul
    We compared our notes and found we were both alone
    In a place that, to both of us, was unknown
    But together we traveled down that old dusty road
    And It led to a bridge over water so blue
    That we had to stop and kneel on its banks
    Give thanks
    For him for me for you

    The wisdom a person has when they are not distracted by everyday responsibility is always worth listening to.

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