Years ago my mother wrote these words on a card to my daughter. From time to time, we all need to stop and ponder whether we truly hatched.


I don’t want to hatch

I like shell’s clutch

This cramped vault

My mother’s muffled cluck.


Well, if I hatch –

I won’t hatch much.



Weather Satellite

Many people hear the term “weather satellite”, immediately dismissing the concept as nothing more than a glorified “eye in the sky”weather report. To grasp an inkling of what these satellites do, start by thinking of them as Earth Observing technology. Of the 3000 or so satellites orbiting our planet, 120 are dedicated to specific observance and measurement of planetary changes.

Take Suomi, launched by NASA in 2011 Suomi circles the globe 14 times a day at a distance of 500 miles. Equipped with cutting edge ultraviolet and infrared sensors, Suomi measures ocean temperature and water vapor from evaporation at impossibly minute levels. Unhindered by cloud cover or darkness, Suomi boasts CERES (cloud and earth radiant energy system) collecting data for long term analysis of climate change, and short term storm/hurricane tracking. Appreciating Suomi is dependent on understanding the precise science of weather – hurricanes can’t form before ocean temperatures reach 79 degrees Fahrenheit, a irrefutable tipping point at which evaporation accelerates, forcing millions of tons water vapor up to 10 miles where winds driven by Earth’s rotation whip them into circular behemoths. The slightest variance in ocean temperature, all that stands between harmless blusters and a state of emergency.

Aqua has orbited the poles since launched by NASA in 2002, it collects data on a “global scale”. Oceans, atmosphere, land, ice, snow cover and vegetation – precisely measured and studied to understand the impact they have on each other. Miniscule changes in ocean levels, particulates like ozone, carbon monoxide and dioxide, and methane in the atmosphere, impact of vegetation, forest fires and volcanoes on climate, tracking plankton blooms – all in a days work for Aqua.

Earth observing satellites monitor our planet with relentless accuracy. Each assigned specific tasks, missions that dictate stationary or orbital movement, height and duration – all with the goal of averting calamity through earlier warnings, while building base line data for tracking climate change.

Upwards of a billion dollars a year goes into debunking climate change. Money straight fromĀ  deep pockets of those standing to lose the most if ever we demand accountability. Check out the link below…

One needn’t break a sweat pondering this one – what possible rational exists beyond indifference or apathy to swallow propaganda from “big money” over meticulous scientific data calling bullshit on corporate greed? Wake up people, the numbers don’t lie. Earth observing satellites don’t have shareholders to pacify or untold wealth to squirrel away in tax havens. The link below doesn’t pretend climate change is alarmist poppycock.