Tight and Perky

Ours is a tight and perky world. It isn’t Tight or Perky’s fault, they can’t help youthful perfection. So much to do; billboards to adorn, bars, restaurants, shops, reception desks to fill, ad campaigns, endorsements – Tight and Perky are the face of society, specimens of flawless perfection,  Tight and Perky need only twinkle a forced smile to cement their place in line. Theirs is a world of fabulous illusion – asses tight, breasts perky – opportunities are limitless.

Feigning innocence, never completely admitting it was Tight and Perky that landed the job, overlooked mistakes, shrugged off utter incompetence, or “made an exception this time” – all symptoms of the lofty pedestal society erects for the young and fabulous. Looking around, finding themselves surrounded with nothing but Tight and Perky, the illusion grows until fabulous is reality. Young, hip, connected, trending – Tight and Perky live in a bubble mistakenly taken for the future.

Eventually Tight falls and Perky sags. fortunately most have long since realized other merits. Education, career,family, and life experience equal contributors towards capable, intelligent and insightful people. People able to prioritize, rationalize, conceptualize, sympathize, and any other “ize” you can think of. Confident, well rounded individuals whose longing for tight and perky evaporates if it means losing all they have learned. People of depth; unwilling to play the charades of tight and perky youth.

The trouble is – Tight and Perky are trending. Monopolizing just as they always have. For every one that withers another stands to take its place, society demands perfection. Image sells, substance without youthful packaging is a liability. Ours is a tight and perky world.

I wish I could witness the moment each and every one of the image driven nincompoops responsible for Tight and Perky over merit, felt the first sting of rejection. That holy crap moment, complete with sickening churns of the stomach when they fully understood their image was frowned upon. I want to be in their heads when protests of  “I can do this better than anyone else” or “I’ve earned this” erupt, having to listen as carefully worded kiss offs sweep them under the rug. I want to hear them scream “ours is not a tight and perky world”.