Tight and Perky

Ours is a tight and perky world. It isn’t Tight or Perky’s fault, they can’t help youthful perfection. So much to do; billboards to adorn, bars, restaurants, shops, reception desks to fill, ad campaigns, endorsements – Tight and Perky are the face of society, specimens of flawless perfection,  Tight and Perky need only twinkle a forced smile to cement their place in line. Theirs is a world of fabulous illusion – asses tight, breasts perky – opportunities are limitless.

Feigning innocence, never completely admitting it was Tight and Perky that landed the job, overlooked mistakes, shrugged off utter incompetence, or “made an exception this time” – all symptoms of the lofty pedestal society erects for the young and fabulous. Looking around, finding themselves surrounded with nothing but Tight and Perky, the illusion grows until fabulous is reality. Young, hip, connected, trending – Tight and Perky live in a bubble mistakenly taken for the future.

Eventually Tight falls and Perky sags. fortunately most have long since realized other merits. Education, career,family, and life experience equal contributors towards capable, intelligent and insightful people. People able to prioritize, rationalize, conceptualize, sympathize, and any other “ize” you can think of. Confident, well rounded individuals whose longing for tight and perky evaporates if it means losing all they have learned. People of depth; unwilling to play the charades of tight and perky youth.

The trouble is – Tight and Perky are trending. Monopolizing just as they always have. For every one that withers another stands to take its place, society demands perfection. Image sells, substance without youthful packaging is a liability. Ours is a tight and perky world.

I wish I could witness the moment each and every one of the image driven nincompoops responsible for Tight and Perky over merit, felt the first sting of rejection. That holy crap moment, complete with sickening churns of the stomach when they fully understood their image was frowned upon. I want to be in their heads when protests of  “I can do this better than anyone else” or “I’ve earned this” erupt, having to listen as carefully worded kiss offs sweep them under the rug. I want to hear them scream “ours is not a tight and perky world”.




7 thoughts on “Tight and Perky

  1. If male monkeys will give up a cherry juice reward to look at images of female monkeys, as per primate studies, I seriously doubt the “Tight and Perky” mentality is going away any time soon.

    Btw, Planet of the Apes has gotten great reviews. 😉

  2. Not sure if this relates but, i found this posted on facebook. “sometimes i want to just chuck it all and become a stripper and then i realize i am fat and can’t dance.”

  3. I wish I could witness the moment each and every one of the image driven nincompoops responsible for Tight and Perky over merit, felt the first sting of rejection. That holy crap moment, complete with sickening churns of the stomach when they fully understood their image was frowned upon.

    A good friend of mine — a woman with whom I attended high school — was one of those who’s appearance in a room turned every head. I have to say that over the years those ‘first stings of rejection’ have been hard, very hard to be borne for someone who got away with a lot simply by smiling and looking good.

    I think there is something extremely tragic about someone that beautiful when they finally come to terms with the fact that it’s younger prettier girls who turn the heads and not themselves. In my friend I fear it has been an inescapable and unalterable transformation that changed many of her good, sincere, insights into something quite other.

    I’m neither — tight nor perky — in the male version and never particularly cared. But I have to say that realizing that you have nothing to do with your beauty and that it’s purely an accident of genetics can be amazingly sobering… and saddening. I think she has questioned much of her own worth as an extremely intelligent humanoid all because she ‘lost’ her beauty. sad…

    • I have always been short on perky, but man was I tight 🙂 Sigh. Youthful attributes are some powerful magic. Working in a extremely image driven profession, at 54 I’m starting to feel the bite, and man does it piss me off!

      • I can appreciate the sentiment — though being both male and a bit arrogant I have never thought much about image. I rarely look at myself in the mirror, most of the time I have no idea if my hair is combed, and sometimes I almost forget what I look like — but I’m not sure a woman could get away with that…. and MY images are not if ME.

        But — I do hear ya. And don’t envy ya. At all. I’m glad for the accident of genetics but most of my friends lifelong have been women and after years of working in studio with big and small, skinny and fat, attractive and not women I have heard almost every conceivable story about ‘men.’ It’s amazing that while I spent a lot of time shooting tasteful and creative nudes that the absence of clothing opened a door to conversation with absolute strangers that lead to amazing conversations. I used to wonder about that — in many situations a nude woman and a clothed man would result in a very vulnerable situation. But Peg and I have also done nude vacations and I think as big as I am, that my models saw the camera and I kind of disappeared behind it — almost to the point that they were talking to the lens and not to me. But, yeah — I understand where you’re coming from. And the proponents of tight and perky will have their day….. a not very ‘pretty’ day at that. Hang in there my friend.

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