Surely You Don’t Plan to Eat That!

Some problems are considerably more difficult to solve than others. Despite multiple contributing factors, number of people involved or sense of personal responsibility, the logical solution never changes – tackle the root cause. Band-aide solutions not only prolong the agony, they create unfair burdens on those involved. Recognizing a problem exists is admirable – wimping out by ignoring the cause while scolding those caught in its web – pisses me off.

A plan under consideration by Public Health England to combat alarming obesity rates epitomizes  half assed band-aide solutions. These geniuses want to involve major grocery chains in a program to shame customers whose carts overflow with fat, salt and sugar. Based on analysis of purchases, customers deemed guilty of unacceptably high unhealthy choices, would find a printed “health alert” on their receipt. Messages cautioning purchases fell short of nutritional requirements, or where unacceptably high in salt or sugar. Holy crap – they can’t be serious.

We live in a rabid hotbed of marketing hype – words like natural, healthy, whole grain, real fruit or lightly sweetened assault from grocery shelves. Natural can’t contain synthetic or artificial ingredients – so far so good. Good until you grasp they can be processed within an inch of their lives, contain pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, and high fructose corn syrup. How about “Made with Real Fruit” – real fruit usually means a small portion of fruit concentrate. Take Betty Crocker Real Fruit Strawberry Gushers – in reality, a minute amount of pear concentrate, Red Dye #40, and almost half their weight in sugar. Lightly sweetened – in the U.S. the term isn’t regulated, the claim means squat as products contain any amount of sugar the manufacturer sees fit.

Staggering obesity results from a multitude of of factors. This ponder isn’t about anything other than asinine bureaucrats plugging their ears and covering eyes, while patting themselves on the back for finding it brilliant to publicly scorn unfortunate victims of corporate poppycock. Honestly – one of the stupidest, not to mention misplaced attempts to solve a problem I’ve ever encountered.

Did it occur to any of these nincompoops to go after manufacturers? Turning a blind eye to corporate deception, allowing half truths and blatant manipulation – somehow unaccountable because “Joe average” doesn’t know any better? What is wrong with you people!

Problem solving  wastes time unless you’re willing to look the root cause straight in the eye.

12 thoughts on “Surely You Don’t Plan to Eat That!

  1. Why care about obesity when you can get richer and richer as the people are getting fatter and fatter…?

    Baconator anyone?

    • Child’s play – KFC Double Down anyone? Who needs a bun – we’ll replace that with fried chicken, and nestle another piece of chicken, cheese, bacon and sauce in between. My son ate one once just to say he tried on – he nearly bust a gut!

      Oh man – I’m SO TIRED of irresponsible food corporations. I listened to a story on CBC radio a few weeks ago. Just caught the tail end but it was an American dietician talking about a National Nutrition Conference she attended in California. The main sponsor was McDonalds!

      • @NtP

        Oh man – I’m SO TIRED of irresponsible food corporations.

        One could argue that they are being perfect responsible – to their shareholders.

        Ethical complaint? The *Market* decides what is good and bad. thankyouverymuch…

        I’m in agreement with you, just that the people who hold the levers of power, are not. 😦

  2. It’s so much easier to tackle the symptoms. There are often more dramatic and news worthy. Looking at root causes usually causes self-reflection. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    • True and yet precisely the reason people need to speak up. Society has become so complacent, I fear that soon we’ll forget a time when independent thought was possible and change was only a matter of expressing those thoughts. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry, but your recounting of the british plan to shame grocery buyers resulted in a mental visual of some shopper ending up with a register receipt about 5 miles long because of all the crud in her shopping cart!

    Politicians must needs cover their ears (to avoid listening to constituents), close their eyes (to avoid seeing protest signs), and if they don’t pat themselves in their backs no one else will, and we all need a little encouragement in life, donchaknow….


  4. That sounds too prejudice, almost hateful. The food is the major problem. On the label in your blog, the only ingredients of any good nutritional value are the cocoa and water. Since they list several oils, you don’t know if you’re getting a good one or not. The politicians won’t blame it on the big corporate farmers, Monsanto, or the pharmaceuticals since they pay them the big bucks to keep them in office.

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