Worlds Largest Tomahawk

Pondering how much I need a road trip, finds me re-posting this “snapshot” .


Cut Knife Saskatchewan boasts the world’s largest tomahawk. Over 50 feet tall, it towers over the landscape, dwarfing  the tired homes and dusty main street.  Not visible from the highway, it sits hopefully on the edge of a tidy, empty camp-ground, waiting for travellers lucky enough to  remember what a road trip is. Mid afternoon and the only sign of life is a run down cafe where the waitress sits playing cribbage with a gentleman older than the peeling linoleum.

Ponder the road trip. Once the backbone of summer vacation, replaced by “all inclusive”, fading into obscurity. We can’t understand our world unless we look at it. It can’t be seen from a swim up bar….

World's Largest Tomahawk - Cut Knife, SaskatchewanWorld’s Largest Tomahawk
Cut Knife, Saskatchewan
Photo by Gerry Fox

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7 thoughts on “Worlds Largest Tomahawk

  1. Canadians and their oversized objects. Tomahawks, Geese (the WaWa Goose), and Giant Nickels…. I could be totally U.S. and tease by saying you need to develop your country enough to have something more to come visit — but I wouldn’t do that. I like Canada just the way it is.

    That said — it’s never a bad time for a road trip. We’re starting ours! :-p

    • Canadians learned the concept from America – jeez! Our big things just stand out more because we have so much room, and so few people 🙂 Canada has one “freeway” crossing the country (if you can call it that because in places it’s a marginal two lane highway – we don’t actually need anything more – in my mind, one of the reasons Canada runs at a unique pace. We’ve driven across many times – it never grows old, road trips rule! I’m extremely jealous of you at the moment 🙂

      • LOL at “we have more room” You can say that again.

        I’ll be jealous of me too when we get out of the city. This place is convenient to our Solar appointment and convenient to stores —

      • Argh — hit the button by accident.

        Anyway, this place is convenient to our appointment and to stores we may need while we attempt to get better organized, and settled into what it means to travel in a 40′ coach.

        If we had had this coach for more than a couple months we would be taking a much longer trip back to WI, but I’m kind of in the mood for some driving after so much time on one place so we’ll make an RV version of a ‘mad dash’ — at least until we hit MN.

        I’ve taken the ‘great’ Trans-Canada Highway for … oh golly … perhaps 3/4 of it’s length over the years. But not all at one go. Might try that some day but at your fuel costs that might not happen either!

        I missed the section from Winnepeg to Thunder Bay…

        Have a great day — IMA veg out today!

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