Re-posting another of my archived ponders, a symptom of two worlds at odds. On one side – Notes who wants nothing more than carefree hours pondering the world, on the other – work Notes, so hot.tired and busy – repeating myself is all I can muster between one wedding and the next. I’m hoping to find a “Festival” or two once the dust settles in the fall.


I grew up in a smallish farming community that happened to rest between two lakes. For most of the year a sleepy little place; but in summer – the population nearly doubled with vacationing sun seekers and transient farm workers. Summers were crazy – not for the Peach Festival or Square Dance Jamboree – but for my first taste of one giant street festival. I use the term “street festival” loosely as activities were far from sanctioned or organized. All the same, it was a time when many like minded people gathered for one purpose. In reality there were several reasons my town became a summer destination. First we had the “hippies” who hitch-hiked across the country to pitch a tent and pick fruit. Next college students from the coast and neighbouring Alberta looking for a few days of fun. Families on road trips, and last but not least –…

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One thought on “Festival

  1. I may not ‘feel’ your pain but I sure know where it comes from. Today being our first real ‘day off’ after that crazy volunteer gig I’m tired and rested at the same time; wanting to relax and go simultaneously; craving noise and silence in the same instant.

    I won’t comfort you be saying that quieter days will come — because 1.) that’s never guaranteed and 2.) never wish your life away — no matter how crazy it’s the only thing you have.

    You are, however, resourceful! I’m sure you’ll find ways to cope until you CAN get away. 🙂

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