Doctor Nature

It’s summer. Stop procrastinating – make an appointment with Doctor Nature.


The Japanese practice shirin-yoku, which translates into ” forest bathing”. A form of preventative medicine, 48 official “forest therapy” trails are managed by Japan’s Forest Agency. Within the next 10 years the goal is to increase that number to 100. It’s no secret that Japanese culture reveres nature; they just might be on to something.

Ponder this – In 2008 the world crossed a line; more people lived in urban environments than rural settings. Research indicates mankind has become more aggressive, self absorbed, depressed, distracted, fatter, and less able to rely on their cognitive abilities since the introduction of the internet. On average Americans are estimated to spend at least 8 hours a day looking at electronic screens.

Back to forest therapy; research shows that mother nature has some tricks up her sleeve. A group of Tokyo businessmen spent 3 days hiking in the woods. Blood tests showed their NK…

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One thought on “Doctor Nature

  1. Frankly, I can’t wait till we get out of Eugene, and IT isn’t even a BIG city. It’s been nice to have the convenient services, and fresh sourdough, and good cheese — but at what cost?

    The next couple weeks loom as a rush of activity but I’m looking forward to getting back to da woods….

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