Keith Richards

Feeling rather mellow, deciding Playing For Change hadn’t graced this page in a while, I went on a PFC hunt. What started as needing a Grandpa Elliot or Clarence Bekker fix, turned into a Keith Richards moment. Playing For Change is like that, you never know how it’s going to hit you.

A quick link if you need background…

This PFC video might have passed unnoticed – then I spotted Richards. Not your Rolling Stones Richards, or some old rocker clinging to former glory – simply a 70 year old man happy to sing along. His face, exquisitely carved – a face that exuded  joy, one making no apologies for ravages of time or unflattering profile. Mesmerized I studied his hands, let my eyes linger on the crevices and folds supporting his masterful visage.

Ponder the face of old age – Keith Richards reminded me how beautiful it can be.  Youth serves a purpose – how we conduct ourselves once that fades is the true test of our mettle.





5 thoughts on “Keith Richards

    • Me as well 🙂 The thing is – watching Richards in this video never once made me think Stones – he didn’t appear to me as anything other than a gorgeous canvas with stories to tell. Completely at peace, no pretension or attitude – simply a weathered old soul who needed to sing.He could have been a phantom street person for all I cared. Celebrity had nothing to do with it – if I can be half that freakin’ “kiss my ass, I’m happy” at his age – I’ll die happy. 🙂

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