Extreme Climates

Mention global warming or climate change –  most people think of temperatures increasing world-wide. According to researchers at Northwestern University in Boston, Mass. 97% of the scientific community agrees – the planet is heating up due to burning fossil fuels and deforestation. The tricky part is predicting “variability”, the difference between hottest and coldest temperatures from year to year.

Evan Kodra and Auroop Ganguly of Northwestern, published a paper July 30 in Scientific Reports, it outlined research data from Ganguly”s Sustainability and Data Sciences Laboratory. Research pointing to wider swings in hot and cold temperatures. In a nutshell – global temperatures are rising, at the same time, we can expect far greater swings between hot/cold in any given place.

For the first time, research looked at science behind a particularly hot summer with accelerated ice cap melt, and how that translates to extreme cold snaps in winter. Phenomenon like the Polar Vortex of last winter – all symptoms of global warming.

“Just because you have a year that’s colder than the usual over the last decade isn’t a rejec­tion of the global warming hypoth­esis.” – Evan Kodra


Climate is changing – anyone who pictures balmy winters fading gently into early springs or glorious extended summers keeping first frosts at bay ought to think again. Climate change will be defined by extremes – storms of the Century or “100 year floods”, replaced with “events” of the decade, and soon storm of the year or month.

Ponder what you know about global warming – next, ask yourself where the majority of information comes from. Consider Donars Trust aka Donors Capital Fund – between 2000 and 2010 collecting over $120 million in private donations – money used to fund over 100 “think tanks” and conservative right wing action groups – their sole purpose to deny climate change, create enough confusion and polarization to “create a wedge”, prevent legislated reduction of greenhouse gasses and above all – prevent the Obama administration from initiating climate change legislation.

“We exist to help donors promote liberty which we understand to be limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise,” – Whitney Ball CEO of Donars Trust


I could list dozens of anti-climate propaganda mongers – dangerously elevated blood pressure isn’t worth hammering down the point. Suffice to say, misguided bat shit libertarians have us by the balls – if society is too lazy to figure it out, we deserve what’s coming.