37 and Counting

In the last 3 hours I’ve killed 37 mosquitoes in my bedroom – this isn’t an exaggeration or rough guess, I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to counting (so suspend guffaws or disbelief). It rained today – the first rainfall in ages (perhaps explaining the mosquito bloom). Under siege, compulsively swatting – I need help!

If I had scorpions, Lavender on the windowsill would keep them at bay. Sliced cucumber keep wasps at a polite distance -mosquitoes lack any hint of propriety, they just keep coming, and coming, and coming…..


Bountiful Charges

As long as I can remember, the name “Bountiful” whispered from back lots of Canadian consciousnesses. Situated in South-eastern British Columbia, Bountiful holds its breath with eyes closed, praying no-one notices. Keep on driving – nothing to see here folks. Not really a town or village – Bountiful is referred to as a “settlement”. Since first settler Harold Blackmore arrived with his family in 1946, roughly 1000 people (descended from 6-8 men) call this Polygamist community home.

Bishop Winston Blackmore took the name “Bountiful” from The Book of Mormon in 1980 – despite dissension in the ranks, and a community now split into FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Inc. (a splinter group led by Winston Blackmore, who took offense when FLDS president and recent convicted felon Warren Jeffs got to big for his britches) – Bountiful remains unfazed by legal technicalities which frown upon incest, rape, underage/forced marriages, and illegal smuggling of child brides between Canada and Polygamist enclaves in America.

Until his 2006 arrest in Las Vegas, FLDS leader Warren Jeffs (a prominent member of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list – now serving time for Accomplice to Rape for forcing a 14 year old girl into marriage with her first cousin) visited Bountiful numerous times. A 2007 Provincial Court investigation concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to charge sect members with abuse or rape, based on the impossible task of finding victims willing to testify. Frustrated by defendants claims of “religious freedom”, special prosecutor William Peck took Section 293 of the Canadian Criminal Code regarding constitutional rights to practice Polygamy to the Supreme Court. In 2011, the Supreme Court of British Columbia upheld Canada’s Polygamy laws.

Today the British Columbia Criminal Justice Branch approved charges of Polygamy and “child related offenses” against 4 members of the Bountiful sect. Winston Blackmore and brother-in-law James Oler face Polygamy charges. (Blackmore is alleged to have 24 wives, Oler, 4) Blackmore’s son Brandon and wife Emily are charged with unlawfully removing a child under 16 from Canada “with the intention that an act be committed outside Canada that would be an offense against Section 151 (sexual interference) or 152 (invitation to sexual touching),” Newly appointed prosecutor Peter Wilson, “declined to approve” further charges of sexual exploitation – stating the standard of approving charges was not met in relation to the offenses.


Winston Blackmore
Kudos Province of B.C. for finally standing up to these criminals. Religious freedom with everyone on board – knock yourselves out. Systematic abuse, exploitation, and degradation of women and children under the guise of religious freedom – I hope you rot in jail. Grooming little girls with your insidious message “keep sweet” (as in control your emotions, and don’t complain when we rape or trade you ), allowing yourselves to smoke and drink alcohol (a direct no-no for mainstream Mormons), forbidding women to cut their hair so they can use it to wash not just Christ’s but your feet in heaven – give me a break, I can’t take much more!
A few FLDS “facts”…
Freedom of religion isn’t the freedom to do anything you damn well please. Nothing would make me happier than watching that moment of realization – the look on your smug faces as you shuffle off to prison.
In conclusion, a snippet of history on Joseph Smith – in my opinion, the womanizing  “snake oil” salesman responsible for all this nonsense…..