Isis murders another reporter

Still fresh in my mind, I’m reblogging this as I ponder randomthoughts point of view.


The news is going bonkers over the murder of another captured reporter by Isis. This is indeed a nasty, revolting event.
But I am wondering, and I have asked this before, is this killing any more tragic than the killing of unarmed teenagers that is going on in America today?
I also remember back to Desert Storm one our first attempts at controlling Saddam Hussein. I remember an event that took place and was discussed in a news conference with General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.
It seems the Iraqi army had built trenches in the desert to hold back the invading American forces. The Americans simply bulldozed the trenches burying the unsuspecting troops and sweeping into Baghdad unfettered.
In a press conference General Schwarzkopf was asked if this action (burying them alive) was not inhumane. He responded saying *Well I guess we could have shot them all first.
*not sure if…

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One thought on “Isis murders another reporter

  1. I find myself a mugwump on two accounts.

    On one side there is the reality that news media have hours and hours of time to fill and they are constantly searching for SOMETHING to fill it with. The more inflammatory the story the better the ratings.

    On the other side is the fact that I have little doubt that such things have been going on for millennia — varied only by our ability to bring technology and mass effect to our slaughter. If ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ as we have been told and I fully accept, then the idea that other people’s bodies are never sacred to those who know greed. The difference is that today we know about the atrocities; and we think we are too civilized to do the same ourselves. But then many of us no longer feel strongly about much of anything to be that determined (as ISIS) and warriors have always dehumanized those they were fighting against — it makes it easier to take a life that is less than human.

    Which I why I try not to watch too much of the news……

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