Calgary Summer Snow

By no means do Canadians corner the weather market – we do spend a considerable amount of time talking about it. Who could blame us – the photo below was taken yesterday in Calgary, Alberta. Barely 24 hours earlier, the mercury hovered around 25 Celsius ( 77 degrees Fahrenheit, Americans). Calgary’s temperature plunged courtesy a healthy Arctic outflow wind and voila – 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow. A snowfall warning for today predicts a possible 10-20 centimeters additional white stuff.

 Late summer snow on the Prairies isn’t unusual or particularly remarkable, Canadians understand summer can end without warning. Environment Canada issued the following weather alert….
 I like late summer snow – it reminds me why Canadians make the most of what little summer we’re given.

3 thoughts on “Calgary Summer Snow

  1. Store owners got flat footed in Calgary and did not have time to put all their Christmas decorations.

    Ah the good old time Christmas spirit is just around the corner…!

    Oh well, at least the Stampeders are winning…

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