Shame On You Canada

Pakistan 2007, Jamila Bibi was accused of adultery. Accusations stemmed from a land dispute – land awarded to Bibi – property her husband’s family wanted. Outraged family members accused Bibi of adultery – in Pakistan, morality under Sharia Law trumps all else. Ponder hard line Islamic fundamentalists as extreme right wing Christians on steroids – self proclaimed keepers of the faith oblivious to proof, reason, fact or human rights – the punishment for adultery is “stoning”.

Based solely on the word of disgruntled relatives, authorities in Pakistan arrested Bibi. Released from jail in 2007 pending judgement – Bibi fled to Canada, claiming refugee status. In 2011 a deportation order followed denial of her refugee claim – the order placed in temporary limbo by the United Nations when her Lawyer asked the UN to intervene. The UN said it needed time to review the case.

For the next 22 months, Bibi went to work at a restaurant in Saskatoon, reported dutifully to authorities and waited for a UN ruling. Apparently Canada had little interest in reviews by the UN Committee Against Torture – by the time her Lawyer received a copy of the judgement enforcing immediate deportation, Bibi had been arrested by Canadian authorities – 5 days later Canada put her on a plane to Pakistan with $183 dollars in her pocket.

“Stonings” are legal in 14 Islamic countries. According to a Washington Post article published in May of this year (linked below) – 943 women in 2011, 869 in 2013 – were killed to restore “honor” to their families. Courts rarely bother with the minor details of murder for honor, preferring to look away as families dispatch horrific ends to innocent lives.

Jamila Bibi doesn’t know her date of birth, the assumption being her early 60’s. Her brave decision to flea Pakistan, escape death in the name of “honor” for greedy people capable of getting away with murder, and hopes of politely living out the rest of her days – callously shredded by a Canada  oblivious to human rights.

Shame on you Canada. This Canadian is appalled by your lack of regard for the United Nations, ludicrous justification, and embarrassing demonstration of absurdity. The country I’m proud of wouldn’t hesitate in protecting a terrified sixty something woman from sanctioned torture. What happened to common sense? On what planet did she threaten the fabric of our nation?

I hope you’re proud of yourself Canada. Take a long hard look at the face of the “adulterous prostitute” you sent to meet “justice”.  Pat yourself on the back – your asinine decision solidified this Canadian”s resolve to campaign for a country without Harper at the helm. Any decent Canadian would have done the right thing – shame on you Canada.

Canadian Border Services refused comment on details of individual cases – the court “removal order” stated in part….

“The applicant has not presented evidence before this court that could support a finding that she will face risks if she is removed to Pakistan that have not been already assessed on two occasions (by immigration officials),” Justice Marie-Josee Bedard wrote.

“Therefore, and considering that the applicant’s allegation of irreparable harm is based on risks, she has not met her evidentiary burden.”

24 thoughts on “Shame On You Canada

  1. Pakistan is such a hopeless basketcase; their core so corrupted that they even cheat in cricket. In the cold, hard calculations I guess your government is weary of replicating what has happened in England, where pockets of little-Pakistan have taken root. Sadly, through all this, Bibi becomes a number, and a threat.

    • Cricket cheating bastards! As for Canada – it’s nothing but pockets of little – name any race you choose. In Vancouver 49% of the population are first generation immigrants without English as a first language. There are “pockets” where not a word of English is displayed on shops or signs.Canada doesn’t suffer the same racial shenanigans as England, France, Germany and so on. Canada is different dammit! Or so I thought.

      The conservative Harper government fancies itself as something I’ve dubbed “George Bush wannabe”. Bibi will sadly become a statistic – as for threat – I’m throwing up as I write!

      • It’s the inevitable problem (result) when actuaries are employed by governments. Look at what happened in the US under the greatest of all Numbers Men: McNamara.

  2. I would be more appalled against this extremist Muslim nut jobs, I know them pretty good, not kidding, and they are not quite very inclusive. I actually though many times to my younger version of myself “what the fuck am I providing security for in this screwed up place, waiting to get shot at, so this U.N blue people finish making that school for girls, since once we get out of here the´ll burn the school down and wont let girls go to school. ” Well, maybe at that age and doing that job, I was probably more focused on other things like staring at a distance and just watching out for the bad guys, but now that I read this it just popped into my mind.
    Anyways, not much Canada can do when you have laws, it may sound harsh, but countries are have laws and we like them or not we do have to follow them. Plus it seems the great U.N which se used to call “United for Nothing” being acomplished, didn´t seem to be to concerned. Maybe they should be more concerned about Extreme muslim nut jobs, their sheria law, over there. Yet again what are they going to do about it, send in the blue hats as peace keepers? Because I guarantee you that the only peace they keep is inside their barracks.

    • It makes me really sad to read your reference to UN peacekeepers as “blue people”. Granted, the UN may have become something of a “figurehead” rather than effective power – I just can’t stomach the hint of animosity towards UN troops on the front line. Romeo Dallaire is the Canadian General who led UN missions in Rwanda, his book Shake Hands With the Devil is likely the toughest book I’ve ever read. Men and women making up UN troops, those who build schools, hospitals, refugee camps or find themselves with tied hands at the forefront of conflict – they deserve respect.

      As for law – Canadian authorities will not extradite American criminals if a possibility of execution exists. The death penalty, long abolished in Canada is alive and well in America. As a matter of conscience, Canada has a strict policy of keeping criminals until assurance the death penalty isn’t a factor.

      We can’t simply shrug and say “oh well”.. Apathetic shrugs and looking the other way are the reason this nonsense is on the rise. It’s bat shit crazy nonsense.

      • I know about the U.N soldiers since although I was never under the U.N umbrella just ISAF which was essentially NATO. But the “blue hats” as we used to call them, it´s very typical for soldiers(I know for someone who has never been in the military or knows very little about the culture of the military is hard to understand) specially infantry units who are trained day in and day for war, that´s your job, for most of us being with the blue hat was a dishonour since as you said, “they find themselves with tied hands” therefor unable to do our job. I had friends and still do that have gone to Lebanon under the U.N umbrella and they are pissed off since they can not perform their duties. They do not achieve anything at all, they just patrol in a “secure” area, but no actively seeking peace. To achieve peace there has to be one side that looses, and for that to happen unfortunately but reality is that you do need young people for the most part who volunteer to go out, learn how to use a rifle and all the other things that goes into being a soldier and do basically the dirty work, which is not pretty but necessary and if you ask me and any other guy I know we´re not ashamed at all of what we did. It was our job and we did it, quite proud of it all of us.

        So back to U.N, blue hats, the rules of engagement they have are a travesty. You won´t be able to shoot at a perceived enemy even is you see him carrying a rifle or if he´s cutting civilians head´s off, you won´t be allowed to intervene. That´s a fact, trust me. You are only allowed to do something if that rifle you see is actually fired at you first, which as an ex soldier, does piss you off a little. You actually have to wait to get fired at first. That works quite well for you and your buddies. And second and most important is that you are not accomplishing any mission, you are not helping the local population. In order to help the local population you have to engage the enemy firs, drive them out and then do an “act of presence”(I´m translating the terminology from Spanish to English)basically hold the ground so later on, the U.N and whatever other NGO´s are out there if they see it´s safe thanks to the soldiers on the ground who have fought to make it safe, who some have been wounded and some died to make that piece of ground safe in order for the well meaning NGO´s and U.N people to then build up schools. And inevitably if we soldiers pull out and do not provide security for the local population, the bad guys will return and obviously as it happened the U.N people have to pull out since they won´t go into hostile territory, they need us in order for them to do that job.

        So two things, with the blue helmet you don´t help the local population since you are not allowed to be active in stopping the “bad guys”, that´s from the perspective of the soldiers on the ground. At least most of all the guys I knew back then and some of them I still keep in touch. And my own experience, although never worked under the blue helmet.

        What you said about Rouanda, I remember a French soldier who told us about that. And you can actually see images of U.N soldiers, getting their combat knifes and ripping apart their blue beret out of frustration since they where actually seeing how innocent people where being chopped up to death and as much as they wanted to intervene(and intervene means guys with guns and shooting and killing bad guys) and under U.N law they where not allowed. So what did they accomplish? What good did they do then? And you have to see it from the perspective of the soldier, you are trained to do that job, to shoot another human if necessary(hard for civilians to understand I know that) so this U.N soldiers in Rwanda saw the massacres occurring right in front of their eyes, they wanted and are capable of stopping it since they are regular infantry soldiers but since they operate under the U.N laws, they prohibited them from taking action to stop the massacres and you can imagine how frustrating that is for those trained soldiers, specially seeing it happen right in front of them. They have the power and skills to stop it but the get the orders to not intervene.

        So is no disrespect to the U.N peacekeepers, although they really don´t keep peace at all that´s just a fact is not an opinion, and is not the fault of the soldiers, it´s the fault of the institution that prohibits the soldiers from doing their duty. Being a soldier is not being in an NGO, and the U.N treats soldiers as NGO´s. Which quite frankly pissed off most if not all of us, since we knew we where not able to really do our job nor where we going to help the local population. Therefore achieving nothing, they do get paid pretty good by the way for being deployed and doing a couple of patrols every other day though.

        So again, all my respect to soldiers with the blue hat, since they are regular soldiers it just happens that their unit might be called to act under the U.N and they just follow orders is not like you can say, “na, that´s not cool, don´t like that blue hat” and to the U.N NGO´s people, but it´s a criticism of the institution as a whole.

        So we probably agree in one thing which is that they deserve respect, and I know it quite well since I was in two fucked up countries doing what was asked of us(and we didn´t get any respect I might add which we really don´t care at the end of the day nor expect people to understand, you might have read a lot of books like the one you read and in tore you apart so imagine for people who actually lived what you have read), being under the U.N would have bee a vacation compared to the things we where doing.

        But we disagree in that you believe that the U.N is this great institution that can do nothing wrong, and I can go on forever about how badly it has performed, what it has achieved and what is hasn´t. And problem is it has achieved far less than what is has gained or wanted to gain.

      • I agree with you on every aspect regarding UN soldiers.I mentioned the book because Dallaire documented the absurdity of token UN ground forces.As for my opinion of the UN, you have me wrong – I don’t consider the organization a great institution. I do believe that UN member countries should abide by agreed rules of conduct.

        In the case of Bibi – Canada halted deportation for 22 months pending investigation by the UN Torture Committee As a member of the UN, that’s how it should be. As a member nation, Canada thumbing its nose at the UN is nothing short of shameful. The UN has problems – Canada mocking it proves how little regard the UN has. Call me an idealist, but I believe UN members ought to respect UN policy. Perhaps it’s time for the UN to take effective action or disband..

  3. This is very good and very true. The why is easy. Women around the world are second class citizens and so human rights are not as important. I believe there is a growing lack of respect for life in the world right now.You need to remember that rape has nothing to do with sex. It is totally the desire for power and control. Historically, rape has been one of the prizes of being on the winning side of a battle or a war. Hugs, Barbara

  4. It’s not only Canada. I used to visit an immigration center near London and was often horrified at some of the folks they sent back – a man in his 60’s who’d lived since boyhood in the UK who was no longer able to work having contracted a life threatening disease, a man who clung to me for an hour as I prayed for him (he was being deported next morning to face torture and death), a boy of 13 who’d used a fake birth cert. to get in for a sports event and was being held in limbo. I understand we are swamped and can’t take everyone but it seemed to me something was very wrong in the selection processes.

  5. So sad.

    That women are held as second class citizens is evident. Just this week our American congress failed to pass legislation mandating equal pay for equal work. Interestingly enough it was voted AGAINST by every single republican including the FEMALE elected officials. Go figure.

    • It’s SO MUCH more than women held as second class citizens. American Congress voting against equal pay for women – another depressing symptom of bat shit stupidity.

      It’s hard to define my outrage over Canada’s deportation of Bibi. What good is the United Nations if member countries thumb their noses and behave anyway they damn well please? Before the Harper reign, Canada stood for something. Our ideals and principles were something extraordinary – a bastion of non-partisan, rational thinkers in a sea of self serving, bought and paid for profiteers. Former Prime Minister Jean Cretien kept Canada out of Iraq, held fast to humanitarian rather than aggressive or military action, and celebrated our position of inclusion.

      I’m disgusted by callous nincompoops behind Bibi’s unceremonious delivery into harm’s way.

      • AMEN

        Except, clearly “OUR ideals” aren’t OURS– they are the ideal of individuals and sadly many of those in power don’t share them…..

        There is so much outrage here in the US about how congress is ignoring the will of the people but the people forget that the founding fathers didn’t trust the ‘people’ and created a republic instead of a democracy. Except most of OUR people are too ignorant to realize that. I think there are some parallel issues in Canada though you know your system better than I do.

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