Blue Dot Movement

Champion of environmental issues, bastion of CBC television’s The Nature of Things, tireless educator and easily one of the most recognizable faces in Canada –  David Suzuki launched his Blue Dot Tour in St. John’s Newfoundland. The Blue Dot Movement reflects 78 year old Suzuki’s unwavering conviction – change is possible. In this case, “change” means Canadian Charter of Rights amendments giving the “environment” constitutional rights. In what may be his last hurrah, Suzuki will make 20 stops across Canada between now and November 9. More than a lecture – Blue Dot stops feature Suzuki supported by the likes of Neil Young, Margaret Atwood, Feist, Bruce Cockburn and Robert Bateman.  A who’s who of Canadian activists – a movement aimed at gaining grassroots support. Over 100 nations recognize constitutional rights of citizens to clean air and water. Canada does not.

Canadian government “spokesman” Shane Buckingham (from Minister of the Environment Leona Aglukkaq’s office), preferred a “party line” emailed response when asked for comment by a Globe and Mail reporter. The best the government came up with was assurance protection under the National Conservation Plan would be extended, along with “efforts” to cut emissions and “stringent” air quality standards. Excuse me?

A great link to countries with constitutional rights of citizens to clean air and water….

Click to access constitutional_provisions_related_to_environment_conservation___final.pdf

David Suzuki has taken some bad press – press bent on smearing his name, and side tracking his message. Right wing tongue wagging over his speaking fees run rampant across Conservative prairie provinces. Drawing parallels to America’s billion dollar, anti climate propaganda machine, is a sobering Canadian reality. Depressing as that is, don’t allow your “Canadian” to be extinguished. We’re better than that.

David Suzuki with Neil Young
Kick ass David Suzuki. Stir the pot, raise awareness, stand your ground, stand for change, stay the course and keep on being the voice of Canadian reason. Stephen Harper’s shocking government is intolerable to this Canadian. Change is possible – all it takes is for enough of us to believe.