The Light of Street Photography

In my mind, outstanding street photography captures the ordinary. Extraordinary happens when that capture transforms ordinary into art. Light, shadow, movement, frailty, exuberance, calamity – infinite nuance revealed in a single frame. Photographic expressions of a world most look, yet rarely see.

I’m not artistic -perspective, shading and dimension cripple my crayon. Writing descriptive paragraphs faster than juvenile stick figures is my expression. Unable to shade simple drawings renders my photographic attempts expressionless, flat and unremarkable. I don’t understand light. Correct me if wrong – either you “get” light or you don’t. The art of street photography starts with light – a medium transforming ordinary.

My husband “gets” light – artists are born that way. He follows light – transforming unremarkable streets into photographic canvas. I don’t have to understand intricacies – art doesn’t work that way. His light evokes stark reality, captures secrets, exposes truth and bathes ordinary in extraordinary.

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