Are Fairies Vegetarian?

No apology – I can’t help myself, or stop from putting this post up again. Are Fairies vegetarian? It’s a damn good question.


Call me nostalgic, I don’t care – I wanted to figure something out the old fashioned way. Forget the internet, reference books or Google answers; when random thoughts come knocking, nothing beats untainted pondering. I sent my daughter a text message reading “Help me out, are fairies vegetarian?”

It may be that as my daughter she saw nothing unusual about my question, it may be that I’m out of my mind,or it may be it was a damn good thought.  It really doesn’t matter – I wanted to know if fairies were vegetarian, and I wasn’t about to “search” for an answer

Her initial gut reaction was the same as mine – fairies don’t eat meat and most certainly are vegetarian. Pondering begged the obvious question – then what does Oberon serve at his banquets? My son came home and I posed the same question – he replied “fairies don’t…

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Help Me Understand

Every so often I re-post ponders …..


I need help understanding why some are incapable of exchanging points of view without making a personal attack. Why do so many lack the ability to debate without hate? Why are some of us born with open minds while others simply switch off at suggestions of  different points of view? How is it that some people repeat only what they hear, never stopping to ponder logic or offer opinions of their own? What triggers the closing of minds –  ignites suspicion, fear, bigotry and exclusion? Help me understand.

Strong opinions from politics, religion, environment to my silly dog; I make myself abundantly clear – writing from the heart without mincing words. No intention, other than matching word to thought.. What you see is what you get; this is who I am. Along the way I’ve met people with vastly different viewpoints – people who present their side of an issue…

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