I’m in trouble, as in I’ve found Quora. A friend mentioned it ages ago, he thought I’d find it interesting. Oh man – I can’t decide whether to hug or scream at him.

Quora went public in 2010 – the brainchild of ex-Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Think of it as a question/answer site with muscle, a place to ask questions, follow topics of interest and exchange ideas.

Finding myself with a little free time I took the Quora plunge. It required a couple minutes to register and set up topic “preferences”. Holy crap – scrolling and clicking my way down a list of “categories” left me grinning like a fool. Ancient history, space, science, weather, ethics, religion – Quora not only pushed every one of my buttons, it bound my interests in hard cover, first edition leather and begged me to turn the first page.

Testing the water, I posed my first question – “are fairies vegetarian?” (in hindsight a frivolous ground breaker) almost immediately answers appeared (the consensus¬† is yes if anyone cares) Settling down to business of poring over my “home” page, I was struck by the quality of inquiries and scope of respondents. Quora deserves a peek….

Google it, register and explore my new obsession – don’t say I didn’t warn you, Quora is highly addictive.