Some Questions

Lately I’ve been asked – “Do Atheists feel guilt?”,  “Are Atheists more likely to commit murder?”, “How do Atheists feel about homosexuality?”, “Is there a symbol Atheists could wear to alert people wanting to talk about God?”, ” Would an Atheist “pray” for a dying loved one if they asked them to?”and “Do Atheists love anything other than themselves?”. Yikes.

My first reaction is disbelief – how could anyone be so stupid? Head shaking gave way to a “no shit Sherlock” moment – it wasn’t stupidity per se, rather an inability to fathom  parameters unfettered by religious indoctrination.

My light-bulb moment did little to soothe prickled sensibilities – it did however lead to a vow. I promised myself  – from this day forward I’ll try to remember, these people simply can’t help themselves.