Some Questions

Lately I’ve been asked – “Do Atheists feel guilt?”,  “Are Atheists more likely to commit murder?”, “How do Atheists feel about homosexuality?”, “Is there a symbol Atheists could wear to alert people wanting to talk about God?”, ” Would an Atheist “pray” for a dying loved one if they asked them to?”and “Do Atheists love anything other than themselves?”. Yikes.

My first reaction is disbelief – how could anyone be so stupid? Head shaking gave way to a “no shit Sherlock” moment – it wasn’t stupidity per se, rather an inability to fathom  parameters unfettered by religious indoctrination.

My light-bulb moment did little to soothe prickled sensibilities – it did however lead to a vow. I promised myself  – from this day forward I’ll try to remember, these people simply can’t help themselves.


11 thoughts on “Some Questions

  1. I read this last night and frankly it’s been on my mind that you missed an opportunity to communicate.

    Seeing as theists conclude that ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are derived from the rules they feel were given by God — no matter which God — it might not be all that ‘stupid’ of them to wonder from whence derive the values (guilt or whatever) held by atheists. You missed an opportunity to make your point.

    You obviously hold that some laws are inviolate — otherwise the rotation of the earth, the orbits of comets, etc., would all be helter-skelter instead of reliable. Is it really such a stretch to think that it’s confusing to them to understand how you can accept some physical laws and not expect that there might be a lawgiver on another level.

    It’s your blog, but deriding others never furthers any goal, I don’t think. This time I’m not pondering, I’m just disappointed.

  2. Having done my own pondering I concluded that this is all about intrinsic vs extrinsic morals and values. Non-theists consider themselves responsible for their own acts, whether or not they act responsibly and morally. Theists have outsourced such responsibility and should they turn to murder, rape or theft, it will be endorsed by the deity and if not, it will be forgiven in return for eternal allegiance.

    But in the real world, most theists also rely on their own devices and most atheists are happy to take guidance from some earthly role model. Neither of this voids the truth that there are morons everywhere.

    • Most excellent response. I know I should leave well enough alone. I’m happy with my life, moderately intelligent and well adjusted. I loathe myself the morning after writing grumpy posts like this. I’m not usually confrontational or of a mind to give nonsense a second thought. At the same time, I’m feisty and go bonkers when receiving comments like the following….

      You claim to have a moral compass based on what? If you were raised muslim you compass may be different! Atheists in history have killed millions and millions of innocent people and many were Christians hated by atheists!! I see the same hate today raising its damned ugly head up against Christians and you cannot deny it!! So dont give me this crap that you have a moral compass!! You are a liar!! Atheists all lie! You are some of sickest people on planet earth and hardly anyone in the world likes your sick ilk!!

      Atheists have done much damage to the earth and people. False religions have also dont much damage such as Islam!! Islam is deadly today and they would not bat an eye to cut off and atheists head or mine for that matter! You stupid libtard atheist helped vote in the most evil president in history which is also helping to bring muslim here with Sharia Law Law!!! Do you get that atheists moron!!! It is your ilk that helped bring this curse upon all of use thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have had my fill with atheism and have even experienced the hate of it from a family member which I will never forget as long as I live!

      So you can keep your evil atheism I want no part of it!!!

      • Ouch – that’s rough. I suspect that anger like this goes back to the biggest fear of all: loss of identity. ” If you deny (my) God, you deny me”. Therefore atheists are not the Antichrist but the Anti-me. After that, all is permitted.

        Sigh. I don’t have an inkling of an answer.

      • There isn’t an answer, only resignation, understanding and a solemn vow to stay away from nincompoops, have some self respect, and write about true wonder in the universe. 🙂

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