“Thank You For Your Service.” What Do You Really Mean By That?

Ponder this…..

Forming The Thread

Instead of a thank-you, I’d like something different:  I want you to pay attention, stay informed, and get politically involved.

In recent years, more veterans are letting us know that they find it a little off-putting to be thanked for their service. The exact reasons vary, but I have my own, so count me among those who find it awkward at best.

I wonder just what people really mean when they say “Thank you for your service.” Maybe I should start asking. Why are you thanking me for my service? What did it do for you? What does it mean to you? I wonder how many of these well-wishers could even really articulate a solid answer to that question.

Here is what this veteran thinks: “Thank you for your service” is a pretty lame substitute for the public’s failure to be at all engaged, or even a little bit interested…

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One thought on ““Thank You For Your Service.” What Do You Really Mean By That?

  1. This ponder parallels thoughts I’ve been having about people and celebrities chiming in on causes celebre. We had a basketball game on and all the players were wearing pink shoes in awareness of cancer. Football games see teams wearing pink gloves in the same cause. It’s not about the cause — or the service afforded to us — it’s about hopping on the bandwagon, about being part of the herd, about doing what everyone else is doing.
    After 9/11 there was a period of time when everyone was displaying U.S. flags from the rear door windows of their cars. Some folks had those small flags in place for so long that the flags were tattered and torn. So, in their attempt honor something they were dishonoring the very flag they thought they had respect for by flying it tattered.

    A little more conscious thought about whatever we do might be a good thing….

    Just saying.

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