Growing Up

Today is my birthday, I turn 55 and remain exactly the same person – albeit a little wiser.


As a child all I wanted was to grow up. Milestones were measured by a year or two rather than decades. The first day of school, becoming a teenager, the start of high school, sweet sixteen, drivers licence, graduation; all marked on the calendar and counted down with anticipation.

Wanting to grow up, but not be like the adults I knew was worrisome. They seemed to have lost imagination; their lives appeared stagnant and predictable.  It never occurred to me that responsibility was a serious matter, nor did it cross my mind that they were doing the best they could. I lost sleep over an imaginary line I had to cross; the point of no return when I would become like them.

Outrage crushed my excitement; years of anticipation exposed as a lie. They came clean on Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy; I settled into the reality that…

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2 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Happy birthday Notes!

    Then there were the 20 in between years when I wanted to become the person I was at 24.5, the perfect balance between lack of responsibility, fun and maturity. That too evaporated when I realized that all I had to do was do it, in spite of all those responsibilities. Turning 53 soon I’m having a ball 🙂

  2. 55 eh? Nice round number.

    But, as for the ponder….. Hmmmm….. Talk about a completely different world view.

    I can’t remember ever thinking anything of the sort. But then I’ve been told I’m weird. Not sure I ever measured anything by age. I didn’t long for 21, or 65 — well, maybe for 65 so my concerns about health insurance would go away with Medicare. I reached 30 and wondered why so many people made such a fuss about it.

    I grew up serious. My mom worried that I brought home too many non-fiction books from the library; that I wasn’t enjoying my youth. Truth was — youth was wasted on me — I never cared about cutting up. All I wanted to do was to learn. About anything. About everything. And I’m still the same today. It’s the only reason I spend time on the Internet — because I learn new things every day. AGE has never meant anything to me (other than the fact of advancing age sometimes meaning that I can’t do something I once could do).

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate you more today than I did before. 🙂

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