Christmas Overhaul

Christmas strikes me as an absurd mutation – Jesus wasn’t born in December, ( Romans slipped the occasion in with Pagan solstice celebrations to make it more palatable – Christmas trees mimic early Pagan rituals of cutting branches in mid-winter), Santa Claus mythology is just about as non-Christian as it gets. (Fundamentalists want to ban Harry Potter yet a red nosed Reindeer flies Santa around the world in one night). Does anyone even know why we exchange gifts? Apparently “miracles” happen at Christmas – who performs them?

Pondering “Christmas spirit” led to a conclusion. Christmas needs an overhaul. Instead of painful, politically correct seasonal marketing, why not put our foot down and say “Christmas gifts are no longer required”. I propose Christmas be a time for awareness – giving not to our family, but to the global community. Imagine the possibilities – if we applied even a smidgeon of money spent on gifts towards global initiatives. what might we accomplish?

Ask yourself why we exchange gifts – if reason escapes you, maybe it’s time for a Christmas overhaul.

Real Meaning Christmas Picture


5 thoughts on “Christmas Overhaul

  1. I was always told that there was a bishop of Myra who loved children and surprised the gifts. he became a saint, St Nicholas. This led a germanic tradition of giving gifts to children at Christmas. when the germanics migrated to the New World they took St Nicholas with them and he became Santa Claus. This is where the red coat comes from, not from some Coke ad. Bischops still wear red.

    But zap all that. Christmas is an orgy of food and greed and has nothing at all to with that history. I’d delighted to come up with a better family and societal event that doesnt have the christian baggage. Even so:

    Merry Christmas Notes!

  2. I constantly remind my Christian friends how amazing it is that the Jews took a Christian holiday and made it into the most profitable venture of the year.
    And Happy Hanukkah to you. 🙂

  3. The time of Christ’s birth will probably always be a mystery. Is it really important anyway? The story I heard was that the pagans celebrated their holiday on Dec 25 and in order to get them to worship Christ, the missionaries made His birthday then. Some say shepherds would not be in the field during winter months, but others say they could be.
    I say let the manufacturers and merchants have Christmas. Those of us who’d like to celebrate Christ’s birth can find another day. We can spend time in church and still sing a lot of the carols along with hymns; maybe even share a meal together.
    The wise men gave baby Jesus gifts and we should do the same. Give something back to the Lord whether it be money, songs, praises, some of our time doing things for the church, and sharing the Good News with others.

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