Small Towns

Bogged down with family stuff for the next few days, I’m re-blogging myself with one of my favorite posts.


ÖI thought I grew up in a small town.  By big city standards; it was a blip on the map. Yet at 20,000 residents, a thriving metropolis compared to an actual small town.

I’ve been in Battleford, Saskatchewan for the past few days. The official web site for the town lists three must sees on their “attractions” list. First – the water tower; admittedly decorated quite festively in lights that must have been strung for Christmas. Second – the greenhouse (not too sure about this one; perhaps a place to grow tomatoes year round) Third – a monument built to celebrate the spot the Olympic torch for the 2010 winter Olympics stopped on it’s run across Canada.

My sister lives in an incredible old renovated farm house overlooking a lovely river valley. An island in the river, directly below her house boasts five tagged moose. This is extremely exciting, we’ve…

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One thought on “Small Towns

  1. Love the story in the original post…

    It’s hard to fathom a world in which a water tower and a greenhouse are considered highlights. Then again in our wanderings I often write about inconsequential things — but I wonder if I inadvertently present them as highlights. I think, in my own head, that I’m just saying what’s here, or there — not so much as to sell it, as to record it.

    Once again you have me pondering…….

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