American Gun Reform Ponder

I’ve come a long way towards wrapping a liberal Canadian head around American gun culture. Not to say misgivings evaporated – simply admitting however obnoxiously  “right to bear arms” needles – I comprehend mind-sets without dissolving into a bat shit lunatic. Words defy any attempt to convey the magnitude of my progress – trust me, it amounts to a breakthrough after years of therapy. Americans have a constitutional right to pack pistols – I get it.

Liberated from shackles of indignant condemnation, led to pondering gun reform. Specifically, my interpretation of the concept. What I call optimism or good intentions – fueled by tremendous growth in capacity to accept perspectives while not necessarily agreeing – lulled me into making helpful suggestions. Oh man, I have a lot to learn.

But for an overblown sense of accomplishment, it would have slapped me in the head. Americans believe guns protect them from criminals – logically (as it became abundantly clear) gun reform revolves around keeping guns out of criminal hands. How did I miss that?

Politely suggesting my opinion met venomous tirades. Outbursts rivaling the  fervent scoldings of right wing fundamentalists over my stance on abortion.Why all the fuss? I dared to suggest a 30 day waiting period for possession of fire arms. During that period, prospective gun owners would be required to take a course at certified gun ranges and produce proof before taking their gun home. You would think I told them to cut off a hand.

I wasn’t trying to make it easier for criminals to obtain firearms – criminals who want guns get guns, the law has nothing to do with it. Nor did it suggest law abiding citizens would become catatonic prisoners in their homes waiting 30 days for a pistol. I’m not insane, please listen a moment – gun reform applies to everyone.

Look at 30 days as a cooling off period – a month goes a long way towards distancing rage or passion from reaction. Likewise discouraging those of marginal mental stability – in both cases 30 days, combined with mandatory gun certification present obstacles capable of side-tracking violence, or at the very least putting hurdles capable of raising red flags in place. As for average citizens – what’s 30 days and a gun course certificate?

Legislating mandatory certification during a waiting period isn’t un-American – you still get your guns. For the life of me I can’t think of a single reason reasonable people oppose education. Protestations training violates constitutional rights to arm yourselves to the teeth leaves me questioning sanity.

Gun reform has to start somewhere. Fear mongering outrage, courtesy outraged fear mongers is getting old. Suck it up, acknowledge you’re part of the problem – start acting like all you claim to be.




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