Crazy Button

I need my head examined. Quora obsession – call it my dark side,finds me lurking in places I’m not proud of. What began as a “phase”, has become an embarrassing testament to powers of indignant outrage, astonishment, and mind blowing realization. Polite reminders to behave myself deliver tepid results, best intentions fall victim to uncontrollable curiosity. Convincing myself of “curious” intentions, eases excruciating reality – I need my head examined.

On a good day, I’ll post questions like “What is the greatest archeological treasure lost to war or conflict?” or “Will cursive writing become obsolete?”. Genuine queries resulting in thoughtful exchanges.

Bad days (the crux of my bat shit addiction to Quora) go something like this – following are two questions asked this evening under the topic “Religion”.

“If you’re an Atheist, is it better to raise your children as Theist so he/she can find strength in difficult times?”

“Is it true that Atheists don’t really believe in God, but that they really just want to be God?”

This is when it gets tricky. Reasonable Notes would guffaw and move on, possessed Notes shakes hands with futility. Something about preposterous questions void of frivolous explanation or reason pushes my crazy button. Every sinew of my being, taut and helpless as propriety skips out the door.

“Crazy button” deserves clarification, crazy suggests ranting tirades – the reality of my “crazy” doesn’t even come close. Crazy resides in the fact I respond. Crazy shame lurks in not logging out or moving on once “are you serious”, holy freaking crap and WTF? settle down. Crazy is my fascination with absurdly brief ridiculous questions – particularly those intended for morally corrupt heathens. As I’m writing another question surfaced…

“Do some people just pretend to be Atheists, and try to convince others God doesn’t exist because they believe God doesn’t want mankind to know of or believe in his existence?”

I’m having second thoughts about my plea for help – that question was too good. Perhaps I could temper obsessively poor judgement with strict resolve to look, keeping snide remarks and opinions to myself.


11 thoughts on “Crazy Button

  1. Comment I got on one of my blogs…

    Looking for her long lost relative. My mother’s cousin Pat Murphy told her and her siblings stories of his Dare devil stunts and suicide missions documented in his letters to his aunt my grandmother he grew up with and lived as part of his family. My mother dying wish was to find him” I’m a family researcher,
    (For many years 50+)

  2. Pressing the Crazy Button is great, if done in moderation. Diving into the madness can be entertaining, but again, in moderation. You can’t be exposed to that kind of crazy for too long.

    • Holy crap, I know! I feel myself teetering on the edge of one oily slope. The problem with Quora is brevity masks scope and enormity, before long it eats you alive. At the same time, I laugh until it hurts. We live in a sick and twisted world 🙂

  3. I have often told my wife that my biggest character flaw is believing the world ought to make sense. Companies work for half a century to achieve name recognition, and then change their name. Atheist can’t understand theists any more than theists understand atheists. Stupid people abound wherever you go — or surf. There simply is no end to the conundrums and inconsistencies that surround us and, being human, we only create more as we wander around the globe self-assured and confident that we’ll bring the world under submission all the while we are the ones having to adapt to the majesty of the universe.

    Hang in there…..
    Don’t lose the faith — even if it’s faith in reality.

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