Do We Live In a Wormhole?

This week, an international team of astrophysicists published their hypothesis in the Annuals of Physics – our Milky Way galaxy might be a wormhole. In a nutshell, a tunnel of space and time able to transport us to unimaginable corners of the cosmos. By factoring “dark matter” into the “bulk” of our cosmic backyard, the Milky Way appears dense enough to support a wormhole at its heart.

By combining theories of relativity with a complex “map” of dark matter in the galaxy, (admittedly their own map) – they determined we all need to smarten up and consider dark matter possibilities.

“Dark matter may be ‘another dimension,’ perhaps even a major galactic transport system. In any case, we really need to start asking ourselves what it is.”

Paolo Salucci, astrophysicist of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste and a dark matter expert, explained:

If we combine the map of the dark matter in the Milky Way with the most recent Big Bang model to explain the universe and we hypothesize the existence of space-time tunnels, what we get is that our galaxy could really contain one of these tunnels, and that the tunnel could even be the size of the galaxy itself.

But there’s more. We could even travel through this tunnel, since, based on our calculations, it could be navigable. Just like the one we’ve all seen in the recent film ‘Interstellar.’

Although space-time tunnels (or wormholes or Einstein-Rosen bridges) have only recently gained great popularity among the public thanks to Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi film, they have been the focus of astrophysicists’ attention for many years. Salucci joked:

What we tried to do in our study was to solve the very equation that the astrophysicist ‘Murph’ was working on. Clearly we did it long before the film came out.

It is, in fact, an extremely interesting problem for dark matter studies.

Obviously we’re not claiming that our galaxy is definitely a wormhole, but simply that, according to theoretical models, this hypothesis is a possibility.

6 thoughts on “Do We Live In a Wormhole?

  1. This is a very important question 🙂 and Einstein would have loved it. So much of our reality is a question of perspective. Whether we assume one perspective or another, they may both be consistent and ‘right’. But one makes more sense than the other.

    If seeing the Milky Way as a wormhole answers more questions than it creates, than that might be a good move. What I love about the idea is that I grew up being told (and believing) that the universe is just this huge space with stars all over it. Then I was told that there was some origin and center in space and time called the Big Bang and that space is an expanding ‘balloon’ that may or may not deflate one day. Somewhere along the line I picked up that space may be multidimensional and even multi-versed. Now, thanks to you, I have an image of space being a intricate system of wormholes that may even explain dark matter.

    I would be disappointed if space was just this empty infiniteness with stars dotted around. The complexicification of space is a wonderful thing that reminds us that there is so much more for us to imagine and research before we can tick the space box off.

    • I just posted a question on galactic wormhole possibility on Quora. So far just one answer – a resounding guffaw. The comment pointed out that everyone knows massive black holes inhabit the center of each galaxy. The reply struck me as remarkable. (In that a few decades ago suggesting galactic black hole centers exist – would have been poo-pooed with similar guffaws)

      • Indeed! This is what determines the pace of progress in science: new generations of kids taking current thinking for granted as ‘duh, that is obvious’ and than build on that while at the same time Species scheduled for extinction like myself are still in wonder when a plane takes of or when making a phone call without wires or dials.

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