Aurora Borealis

Today arrived with seasonal grumpiness – an unconscious, yet predictable mid winter moment when pining for Northern Lights took hold. They always find me – Auroras are like that. Caught in their spell – never letting go, knowing precisely what I need. I’ll let my family believe a trip to Saskatchewan is for them – Aurora knows better.

7 thoughts on “Aurora Borealis

  1. Northern lights are a mystery beyond my reach (for now).

    I live on the foothills of the Jura mountains in France. Sadly the sun sets behind them and  the sun just turns off in a few minutes without any spectacle. A sunset has become an exotic event for me that I often pine for.

    Sometimes I happen to be up in the mountains when the sun sets and when I see the clouds become crimson watercolours with a jagged fading sun, I’m jerked back 40 years to the western beach near where I grew up and I re-taste the far horizons that beckoned me for exploration. 

    I heeded their call but some dreams never fade.

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