Why We Need To Stop Harper

Ponder Canada under Stephen Harper….

Bill C-38, the Navigable Waters Protection Act exemplifies Harper’s disregard for environmental issues. Shattering the very meaning of environmental protection, Harper’s vision decimated protection of navigable water in favor of protecting navigation. Apparently protected waterways are inconvenient when building pipelines, tearing up the tar sands or creating massive tailing ponds. Under the new act, construction of dams, bridges and “other” projects are permitted without “prior approval”. Wait, it gets better – pipeline construction along waterways are no longer considered in environmental assessments.

“It means the removal of almost every lake and river we know from the Navigable Waters Protection Act. From one day to the next, we went from 2.5 million protected lakes and rivers in Canada to 159 lakes and rivers protected.” – NDP House Leader, Nathan Cullen.

Lets talk Veteran Affairs – Harper’s 2006 election run smacked of support and admiration for Canadian military, vowing to honor service and personal sacrifice. It didn’t take long for true intentions to surface – in his first foreign policy speech to parliament, he stressed building military strength to support global democracy. Under Harper our military budget is highest since the second world war. Harper’s vision of  “warrior nation” likely satisfies his perception of being one of the “big boys”. Perhaps he fancies himself in the image of his good friend George W. Bush. War mongering is expensive, money has to come from somewhere. Harper’s solution – slash Veterans Affairs. Since 2012, 1,255 VA employees received notice, in all 900 full time positions evaporated, along with closure of 9 regional offices. Flagrant disregard for service and personal sacrifice means little to Stephen Harper. Before Harper, Canada stood as a bastion of ethnic tolerance, neutrality, and compassion. Harper’s Canada is emerging as rigid, combative and pig headed.

Aboriginal rights – Canada was one of only four UN member countries too vote against the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (the others being Australia, New Zealand and the United States). In a 2006 letter to editor of the Calgary Herald, Harper expressed opposition to “race based” fisheries, apparently unable to comprehend a 1990 Supreme Court decision allowing aboriginal people to fish for food and ceremonial purposes before other groups.Stephen Harper considers aboriginal issues akin to environmental – road blocks, annoying obstacles blocking his path to complete and utter devastation of natural resources.

Harper loathes social programs and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Look at a link fellow wordpresser https://victorianeuronotes.wordpress.com/ shared , tell me it doesn’t make your mouth fill with bile. Stephen Harper belongs to a Protestant evangelical church – the Christian and Missionary Alliance. His obscure little church believes the Bible is “without error”, that Jesus Christ’s return is eminent, adulterous Christians don’t have a right to re-marry, abortion is sinful, homosexual behavior is the “basest form of sinful conduct”, opposes stem cell research , euthanasia, and ordained women.

Come on Canada – smarten up and stop Stephen Harper.





10 thoughts on “Why We Need To Stop Harper

  1. If I comment what I really feel, I would burn in hell. That might be a nice alternative to Canada’s future with another conservative government.

      • You need his party to kick him out. That’s what is happening in OZ. The man has gone, quite literally, insane, and the final straw seems to have been him awarding Prince Phillip (yes, THAT Prince Phillip) a Knighthood of the Australian Order. Let’s repeat that: he awarded Prince Phillip (the man who has sex with our Queen) a Knighthood. That’s just not normal behaviour.

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