Ticket To Mars

Convincing myself it was only a matter of time doesn’t ease a simmering annoyance with Mars One. In recent years corporate interest in private space flight surfaced with increasing regularity. Virgin Galactic is attempting private space excursions, talk of mineral exploration, and private trips to the International Space Station are commonplace. Mars One is different – forget funding, practical science, technology or common sense. Mars One inked a reality television deal.

February 16, 2015 Dutch based Mars One announced their list of  “top 100” candidates for a one way ticket to Mars in 2024. NBC television announced a “reality” program to select 24 finalists from 50 men and 50 women destined to establish permanent Martian settlement – a one way ticket with no chance of ever returning to Earth. A peek at Mars One website cemented my suspicion, it was nothing more than opportunistic marketing – mindless fluff aimed at being first to corner an angle.

In this day and age minor details such as funding and probability of success evaporate once “reality” comes knocking. Mars One corporation is officially “non-profit” – ponder that a moment. A non-profit organization announces one way tickets to Mars in a 2013 contest, receives over 200,000 applicants, then announces 100 finalists before the ink is dry on a reality TV series. Feeble encouragement of “donations” suffocate the Mars One site. I like their “Business Model” link – interested corporate sponsors can look at a nifty graph illustrating benefits of Olympic corporate sponsorship. Apparently sponsorship delivers gold medal profits.

It would be tough to find a more fervent supporter of cosmic discovery than myself – harder still to find another as disgusted by Mars One audacity.




21 thoughts on “Ticket To Mars

  1. I take a different view. These guys are geniuses! They have taken one of man’s remaining dreams of exploration and turned it into a growinng marketing and TV show. I nearly joined the project as a sponsor – this would generate more hits than most advertising companies can offer. This is not unlike the million-dollar-pixel website that made a student well over a million dollars in a few months.

    But this has nothing to with travel to Mars. It was never meant to and never will.

      • I agree with you there. I thought Reality TV was as bad as it could get. Now we have Fake-Reality-Science-For-Attention-Deficit-Adults TV. Or perhaps we join’m as we can’t beat them. How about Big-Bang-One: a non-profit that will re-create the Big Bang in a parallel universe? This will dwarf Mars-One to the next channel.

    • In particular if they send all the 200’000 idiots that applied for the job to Mars and also the producers of the shows that have bimbo’s say that they want to give birth to the first baby on Mars.

      • LOL, I like your thinking! It’s like that Douglas Adam’s book when Author and Ford discover the generation ship drifting through space, filled with tens of thousands of lawyers and accountants and politicians who were all supposedly to be the first colonists on a new world… except it was just a way for the inhabitants of their home world to get rid of them 🙂

  2. I don’t know. Many of the people chosen are really smart, highly-educated and committed. They’re not your usual reality TV idiots. I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but it is certainly raising awareness of Mars exploration and manned space travel in a way that’s unprecedented since the moon landings.
    And raising private finance for space travel sounds good to me.

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