8 thoughts on “Picture Speaks 1000 Words

  1. Sorry but I had to smile, did I just see a manikin showing one of her tits? That´s quite something, they should put more of those here in Spain. What a contrast with the other one raped in a sheet from head to toe, but it probably had to do with the fact that she was cold…..

  2. Fortunately, this photo could have been taken in most of the Arab capitals including in the most orthodox states such as Saudi and Iran (just google lingerie shops). Underneath their veils and cultural values, women are women and men are men. Veils used to represent the mystery of femininity but have become symbols of intolerance and cultural divide. What a sad evolution.

    • I think Harper is fishing for Quebec votes in the next election. Quebec has the highest number of French speaking Muslim immigrants from countries like Algeria etc. The topic is a hot one in Quebec and I think Harper is betting vast numbers of (especially) rural Quebec will jump on the “anti Muslim” bandwagon and vote Conservative. I find it despicable.

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