Adventure Day Five

Adventure Five began as a spur of the moment Easter Sunday drive up the Sea to Sky highway. Loosely planning sushi for dinner in Whistler – adventure days rarely unfold to even the loosest of plans. Barely past Horseshoe Bay, Britannia Mine Museum beckons. My husband and I had taken the tour, but 2 of our group hadn’t – extremely pleasant ticket lady gives us a family rate of $92, even though our kids are 25 and 30, and one of the group was a girlfriend. As museums go, Britannia is outstanding. A guide takes you up steep stairs, providing hard hats as you settle tentatively into tiny rail cars and enter the mine. So focused on the tour, fighting claustrophobic anxiety – I didn’t even notice actors Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber and the fact their children were the kids tour guide involved in her presentation, until after making our way back to glorious sunlight.

Next stop – Shannon Falls just outside Squamish.

2015-04-05 18.04.25

Adventure day five made it for dinner in Squamish, who knew fair weather and opportunity would continue the next day. This time up the Fraser Valley past Chilliwack to a Tulip Festival. Crossing the Fraser River at Hwy. 9 delivered us to Kent, following signs for a few Kms. to Seabird Island. Paid the $10 for parking, balked at the ridiculous line-up for buses and walked  2 Kilometers to the tulip fields.


2 thoughts on “Adventure Day Five

  1. Lovely tulip fields!
    LOL about the tour. We did all the tours we came upon it seemed at the time on our family roadtrips. Most were memorable just because they were full-family; some of them we actually enjoyed the tour. (he says tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek).
    Gotta get out and spend time with family — no matter what their ages.

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