Alien Life By 2025 – NASA

On Tuesday April 7, NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan spoke at a panel discussion on water in the universe. Stofan boldly stated “there will be strong indications of alien life within a decade and definite evidence of it within 20-30 years”.

“We know where to look, we know how to look” – Ellen Stofan

Exhale now if the possibility created notions of wide eyed “greys” or Starship Trooper “bug” armies. Life must first be seen from microscopic perspectives – confirmation of other-worldly life will likely arrive as microbes eking out existence right under our noses.

Simply looking for evidence of water in our solar system holds promise of life. We know that half of Mars was once covered in liquid ocean – likely for a billion years until the atmosphere degraded. Data from the Hubble Telescope suggests Jupiter’s moon Ganymede hides a saltwater ocean beneath thick icy exterior armor. Likewise Jupiter’s iconic moon Europa, and Saturn’s Enceladus.

Without a shred of doubt, confidence that irrefutable evidence of alien tenacity will manifest itself in my lifetime is unshakable. Pondering implications of such certainties leave me hopelessly buoyed, incapable of wiping a childish grin off my face.

13 thoughts on “Alien Life By 2025 – NASA

  1. I was watching this (and my question was the first asked from social media – super-proud)… But the whole announcement was fantastic and Ellen Stofan’s determination and genuine belief that life will be found is beyond great. NASA are still determined to do what they need to, even with the budget cuts!

    • So true and thank you Obama for increased funding at NASA. 🙂
      PS – was just looking at your cocktail for star gazing. Made me incredibly happy (and not just because it reminded me of one of my favorite cocktails the Dark and Stormy.) I believe adding a piece of dry ice for dramatic effect would make it near perfect 🙂

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