Perfect Day

Perfect days seldom come along. Elusive, unscripted, fickle whims of circumstance, void of reason or formal introduction.. Perfect arrives without fanfare or expectation – not realized until it smacks you in the awestruck face. Today was a perfect day.

Perfect orchestrated a drive to Westham Island, 1,214 hectares of tranquility at the mouth of the Fraser River. Barely 20 minutes from home, crossing a one lane wooden bridge deposited us a world away.

2015-05-03 16.26.53

2015-05-03 16.29.41

Sunday afternoon meandered between tractors, farm houses, the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, boat houses and endless ribbons of grassy dyke.

2015-05-03 16.53.26

2015-05-03 16.53.56

Breeze introduced apple tree long before eyes made sense of her predicament. A solitary bastion of forgotten hopes and dreams, stoically guarding tangled blackberry vines. Resplendent with fragrant blossoms, awakened by the drone of diligent bees –  apple tree cheerfully granted breeze the honour of announcing her essence.

2015-05-03 16.47.58

Perfect works in mysterious ways, when you least expect it, perfect finds an apple tree.

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