Obama Trumped

It’s hard to think of anything conservative America hasn’t blamed on Barrack Obama. I’ve often wondered what might have been if America’s first black leader wasn’t shackled with “Hussein” as a middle name. “Hussein” is a terrifying moniker, punctuate that with “Obama” to witness battalions of righteous “patriots” clucking over the demise of a nation.

Donald Trump wasted no time, collecting his indignant bouffant long enough to  offer $1 million for Obama to produce his birth certificate. Trump managed to grandstand a percolating sentiment grumbling in the belly of disgruntled America – holy crap, our President is Muslim. Overnight, a nation built on principles of inclusion, freedom and constitutional rights, locked their doors anticipating certain implementation of Sharia Law. Truth no longer mattered, Obama’s fate was sealed.

Conservative America managed to wriggle away from George W. Bush’s excruciatingly long fart by blaming Obama. Never mind Obama’s re-election – conservatives claimed is was part of some insidious horror. Petulant right wing bullies spun asinine tales of failure – the economy, foreign policy, education, racial tension – in their minds, Obama stood to take down a nation of reasonable patriots.

As the Baltimore riots elevated racial tensions, Donald Trump took an opportunity to open his vacant mouth. Perhaps encouraged by Lou Dobbs at Fox News..

“I think there is a war on law enforcement in this country, and it was corroborated if not condoned by this administration.”

Or Keith Ablow..

“If you want to tear down the system, you might be taking your cues, by the way, from a president who has given the appearance that there is every justification for any level of anger at our country because we’re such despicable people.”

Trump wrote in a mocking Tweet…

“Our great African American president hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are happily and openly destroying Baltimore.”

How dare Trump call himself an American? How dare legions of “talking heads” at Fox blither righteously over failure of a black man to right civil wrongs orchestrated by decades of abuse and white entitlement? What is wrong with you America – can’t you see what’s happening?


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10 thoughts on “Obama Trumped

  1. We have some nutters over here, but nothing even remotely as mad as you lot have. Obama a Muslim? Must have felt good approving bombing ‘ragheads’ in the Middle East, eh?

    • Fortunately I’m simply an innocent Canadian bystander. I’ve had Americans tell me Obama is Muslim because he “bowed” to a Saudi prince. If you can stomach it, Google the subject and be prepared to scrape your brains off the wall.

      • He bowed to the Queen too. Doesn’t make him a Brit. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that you’re a Yank. I know how much Canadians hate that. I was a bit hamfisted with my language. 🙂

  2. I’m surprised that anyone takes cognizance of Trump when he speaks politically. Don’t know or care what he’s like as a businessman but as a politician my skin crawls every time he opens his mouth.

    Trump & a lot of others have really brought to the fore how hypocritical and bigoted the U.S. culture remains. I lived through the civil rights wars of the 60’s and I honestly thought we’d gotten beyond this point, but I’m a cynical optimist and with numerous states talking about secession it would not surprise me at all to see the US go through what the Soviet Union did when it dissolved.

    Would be nice if there were any positive candidates on the horizon but I don’t see any.

    As for Obama — I don’t think there has been a worse time in US history for him to have become the First Black US President. Time and circumstance were against him from the moment he won the election; the middle name didn’t help, but the timing stunk. And our revisionist history will guarantee that the good he has done will likely not be appreciated for a few generations.

  3. The news must get finely filtered by the time it reaches Canada. Obama had a chance to be an example and a great leader of a great nation. Instead he chose to destroy this country. I have no pride in Obama and a deep sorrow for what he is doing to my country. Obama changed his name, but I don’t recall his birth name. Now if you want to show your prejudice against me because I don’t agree with obama’s policies or attitude, let me give you the tags that people have used to be prejudiced against me: female, poor, obese, white, senior, too young, senile, a know-it-all, Christian, goody-two-shoes, God-lover, dumb female, stupid, Yankee, Northerner, clueless, trailer trash, white trash, shy, sweet, racist, ignorant…can’t think of them all. (None of them stuck except a few that I liked.)
    My parents were staunch democrats and would not talk to anyone black unless they had to. I did not see life that way. I loved all people because I had God in my heart since was a a little girl. Conley and Smedley were two black aides that I worked with on my very first job as an RN. They were wonderful to work with and, while I’ve forgotten the hundreds of others I worked with, those two will always have a spot in my heart. They helped me be a better nurse. One day when I was in with my new son they asked to hold him. I handed him over happily. They were delighted. I don’t remember which one said it, but she said that most white folks won’t let them hold their babies because they’re afraid they’ll turn black. Every time I think of that I giggle. That was the mentality back then.
    Obama’s color of his skin is more important to him than it is to me. I look at the person behind the skin. That’s who you want to know.
    I agree with Peter’s comment about us getting past the absolute racism that had pervaded our culture, but obama resurrected the hate again. No matter how bad obama is the mainstream media paints him as a saint. He’s added 17 new taxes; ignores our Constitution, and has disobeyed a number of laws. He has opened the border and allowed disease and murder to ransack our country. He gets away with it because he cries “Racist!” and everyone backs down. I see obama as nothing more than a terrorist in a nice suit.

  4. I’m not sure what diseases are ransacking our country, I’m pretty sure murder and overall crime are at record lows.
    If certain dim wits in Washington had at least been disinterested instead of actively blocking progress our country would have been much better off.
    No president is perfect and Obama has some frustrating issues. But all you have to do is look at W to see how much batter off we are with Obama.
    They went after Clinton over stupid stuff also, so going after Obama is mostly partisan politics with a bit of racism thrown in for fun.

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