Curious Martian Sunset

April 15, 2015 NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover spent the 956th day of its’ Martian mission deploying “mast cameras” from a position within the Gale Crater. Hoping to capture a transit of Mercury, Curiosity took 6.51 minutes to immortalize this time-lapse compilation of a Martian sunset. Ponder Curiosity’s first colour sunset from Mars.

View larger. | Mars sunset in Gale Crater, Sol 956, Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  Image via 34mm MastCam on Mars Curiosity rover.  Image via NASA / JPL / Malin Space Science Systems.



11 thoughts on “Curious Martian Sunset

  1. It is just amazing to me that Mars has red skies and blue sunsets – yet the physics involved, Rayleigh scattering, are identical to what happens here on Earth. The difference flows from the density of the atmosphere and the suspended dust particles (and what a difference!).

    • Had dinner with my son tonight and I talked about your blog. (a young man with vastly superior comprehension of fractals than myself) In truth I told him the name Genetic Fractals and he smiled, replying “you had me at fractals”.

      Now I’m frustrated because apparently when you say “delete my blog” that means business. Every attempt to view your posts returns “page not found”

      Is there any way to find them? He’s truly stoked on your point of view 🙂

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