Sawyer Fredericks

I don’t make a point of watching television talent contests. Flipping through the channels, a chance introduction to Sawyer Fredericks changed all that. Fredericks auditioned for “The Voice”, his presence dictated setting my PVR to record.

Week after week, this farm boy from upstate New York commanded full attention. I found myself rushing home on “Voice” nights, impatiently fast forwarding to his performance. Tonight, 17 year old Fredericks won The Voice.

Every so often we’re gifted with extraordinary talent, people born for no other purpose than to sing. Sawyer Fredericks is destined to become one of America’s great musical voices.

Take a moment to watch these video clips – ponder the pure joy of Sawyer Fredericks.


4 thoughts on “Sawyer Fredericks

  1. What a talented young man! Fantastic rendition of “Old Man” – I’ve always loved that song.
    I don’t watch talent shows, so thanks for sharing this – very worthy.

  2. I must confess, I am NOT a fan of these talent shows because it seems to me that many of the contestants look at these shows as an only chance at fame and a way of circumventing the path to success. I believe great artists are what they are because of “the path.” or as we used to call it, in the old days, paying your dues. Someone who possesses real talent will rise in a legitimate talent show. Talent shows can and have produced great pop stars. The Voice seems to be the best of the best talent shows.
    The artist featured in your post, has the skill, talent and soul required. He seems like an unlikely pop star and could possibly look back on this experience and wished he had paid his dues instead of choosing a reality game show…. That is if he has real things that he really wants to say…. If his career is going to become a personal statement such as Neil Young whom he slightly resembles. I don’t watch the show so my only assessment is from these two videos and I think he is really really good. I could stand to hear a lot more…. As long as the material is good.

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