Lost in the Woods

Summer’s invitation to head for the woods prompted this re-post.


Imagine yourself lost in the woods without a compass or GPS. An accurate sense of direction could save your bacon; so which way is north or south? In the Northern Hemisphere the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. At noon the sun will appear in the middle of the horizon and directly south. Walk facing the sun and you will be heading south, sun at your back sees you trudging north. For the Southern Hemisphere simply reverse the process.

Not noon, don’t know the correct time – here’s another method. Find a stick about a metre long, drive it straight up into the ground of a sunny spot. Mark the end of the shadow it casts with a rock. This will be west. Wait about 15 minutes then mark the end of the cast shadow with another rock. This will be east. Draw a line between…

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One thought on “Lost in the Woods

  1. I grew up in the Netherlands which is very densely populated and it is almost impossible to get lost there. There is always some church steeple, motorway noise or building that will give it away. This grew into a life lasting desire to be able to get “lost”. I have perfected this knack in the remotest corners of this world like the Australian Outback and the Himalaya’s and somehow you always get back.

    How to lose your way effectively is much harder than it seems but it is possible. When you do, the reward is always surprise at discovering something new. A wonderful feeling of freshness.

    I’m often envious of those early explorers who would get genuinely lost in Africa or on the South Seas, never to be seen again. How wonderful it must have been!

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