Nation of Simpletons

I do my best to ignore Bill O’Reilly. Time spent pondering O’Reilly, is time lost and loathed. Days of amusing myself with repugnant snippets of O’Reiily’s smug ignorance are long gone. Despite admirable intentions, every so often, this numskull smirks uninvited across my screen.

Tonight’s source of provocation – O’Reilly’s “theory” in response to a recent Gallup poll. Pollsters published statistics pointing to America “evenly split” between people who identify as liberal vs. conservative. Apparently in 1999 conservatives outnumbered liberals two to one. Bill O’Reilly has an explanation…

“Only about 50 percent of the American people take the time to understand important issues,” he said on his show this week. “Half the country does not; they are simpletons, unwilling and unable to discipline themselves into formulating a philosophy of life.”

O’Reilly added that those who supported President Obama in 2008 and 2012 must not have “grasped” his policies, and only cast their votes for him “because of his charisma and his historic position as the first black man to achieve the White House.”

O’Reilly is insignificant to me – his hold over millions of conservative Americans is another matter. Right wing America’s poster boy just declared liberal voters unfortunate inhabitants of bell curve’s lowest regions. Never mind that IQ bell curves plot roughly the same percentage on top as at the bottom, with 70% somewhere in the middle – according to O’Reilly, liberals are simpletons.

Immature allegations of mental capacity are nothing new, petulant playground insults occupy all grade school recesses. Calling out intelligence is the fall back position when you haven’t a leg to stand on. Attempts to justify unpleasant realities with blanket assertions of “they’re all stupid” ring pathetic at best.


7 thoughts on “Nation of Simpletons

  1. LOL – Bill O’Reilly’s definition of a “simpleton” is basically anyone who doesn’t think exactly the same way as he and everyone else on the FauxNews ‘team.’ Their capacity for circular reasoning and confirmation bias is fascinating, no?

  2. You know, in the military a primary tactic in battle is to dehumanize the enemy — to make your soldiers see them as less than human. Not just Bill O, but a lot of others nowadays seem to think that it’s OK to say that whomever disagrees with you does so because they are … simply put … stupid.

    It’s curious that such a tactic has manifested itself in a nation where (one might think) you all ought to be on the same side as far as major issues are concerned. Of course conservatives seem to think that EVERY issue is a major issue and that nothing is worthy of compromise.

    Feeling out of control does strange things to our sense of values. One will do anything to regain power: it’s the old power corrupts concept revisited in the 21st Century.

    I’m sure that part of the reason the conservative / liberal shift has taken place is that those who once were conservatives have gotten tired of the ignorance of those trying to lead them. (IMHO)

    Ahhhh….. I’ve waited enough time thinking about Bill O already.

    • My apology – being the one responsible for causing you to waste precious time pondering O’Reilly makes me feel wretched.
      On the upside – I watch America with interest these days. I believe a change is coming, the “abandon ship” Republicans – those distancing themselves from fundamentalist nonsense – are on the rise. The fact that right wing jibber-jabber has nothing left but the “you’re all stupid” card means they’re scrambling and out of options. 🙂

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