Pondering Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson has to be my favorite astrophysicist. Had I traveled Tyson’s path, (bachelor degree in physics from Harvard, master’s degree in astronomy from University of Texas, and doctorate in astrophysics from Columbia ) I too would dedicate my life to making science accessible. Tyson embodies joy, enthusiasm and purpose – his undeniable presence worthy of the National Academy of Science 2015 Public Welfare Medal for “his extraordinary role in exciting the public about the wonders of science”.

Anyone who watches PBS or the Discovery channel likely recognize Tyson – host of last year’s revamp of Carl Sagan series Cosmos, the PBS NOVA series ScienceNow, or his podcast turned television series, Star Talk.

Ponder a few video clips of Tyson – straight talking, unapologetic snippets from a man I admire.


3 thoughts on “Pondering Neil deGrasse Tyson

  1. Now THAT is not a comment you hear every day: “Neil deGrasse Tyson has to be my favorite astrophysicist.” 🙂
    In these days of continuous complication (Oh, that would be a good title for a book….) having people make things simpler to understand is an admirable gift. Though I ponder at times in a world with such a shortening of attention span whether we have already passed the point where helping people understand a world that they don’t care or have the attention span to fathom can have much effect.

    • Oh man, it gets worse – my favorite archeologist is named Neil Oliver 🙂
      Kudos on “days of continuous complication” As for short attention spans – we just need more people able to grab and keep it. 🙂

      • There ARE a lot of capable people out there. It just seems that lately I’ve been meeting some of the other! Grrrr….
        Favorite archeologist… now that I could imagine might be a more common statement (not that common, but still) — doncha think that it’s easier for people to look back to what they believe to be a simpler time, than to look ahead into the great unknown?

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