Parallax World

Parallax is “a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight”. Enter Parallax World – a news site with far greater aspirations than delivering bipartisan news. Parallax World strives to become the news source that “gives news readers no excuse for being blindly partisan”.

Launched in January, Parallax World’s 9 staff members currently publish one story a day. Stories focused on domestic/international politics and relations, business and the environment. To be published, stories meet strict criteria –

“1) The nuance provided will make better voters or global citizens, 2) Whether it impacts a large audience, 3) Whether the topic is better covered by the Parallax format.”

“Format” is the Parallax key – readers are able to toggle back and forth between three different perspectives on every story. Linked below, a Parallax World story on climate strategies.

Co-founder Sean Daley said –

“Our core goal is different. Parallax World…is less concerned with understanding how various news agencies cover a story, but rather is focused on how decision makers act and perceive those events. We want to know how President Obama, Speaker of House Boehner, or Senator Ted Cruz differ in their views,”

Ponder Parallax World – perspective is everything.