America Trumped

Over the years, Donald Trump’s blustery threats to enter politics played out as self centered promotion. Not to be taken seriously,  a pompous presence at the helm of his contrived “boardroom” reality TV program, Trump fancies himself a big man, a “tycoon” capable of turning America around. Today Trump made it official – seeking nomination for Republican presidential candidate in 2016. His slogan – “make America great again”.

Stopping laughter long enough to scrape my brain off the wall,  facilitated  focus necessary to ponder Trump. Let me begin with a few quotes from Trump…

“I’m really rich,” Trump said while waving a financial statement that showed his net worth at nearly $9 billion. “And that’s not bragging. That’s the kind of mindset you need.”

“Politicians are all talk and no action,” said the first-time candidate. “We have losers. We have people who are morally corrupt. We have people who are taking the country down the drain.”

“This is going to be an election, in my opinion, based on competence,” Trump said. “The American Dream is dead. And if elected president, I will make it bigger and stronger than ever.”

Toss in a “foolproof plan” to defeat Islamic terrorists, punctuated with refusal to divulge details because “I don’t want the enemy to know what I’m doing.”, and the balls to talk about his golf courses during his announcement – “I have the best courses in the world,” Trump said, in an aside offering to host Obama at one of them.

The man is an egotistical numskull – one I’ve just decided doesn’t merit a ponder. That said, I urge everyone to link below – learn how many times this self proclaimed savior of the American way of life declared bankruptcy.

7 thoughts on “America Trumped

  1. LOL! I’ve not taken Trump seriously from the first interview I saw of his, back in 1987 or ’88, when he had filed for bankruptcy the first (or was it the second?) time…

    I’m looking forward to my favourite comedians raking him over the coals.

  2. I will pass on your suggestion to view the video. I don’t want my wife to scrape my brains of the wall.

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