Move over Google Maps satellite view – today,  Vancouver based UrtheCast arrived.

Last year UrtheCast Corp. partnered with NASA – a deal allowing commercial HD cameras elbow room on the ISS. Look at it this way – linked below, a short article to ponder.


Stay with me – UrtheCast is so much more. Yesterday, June 17, 2015 releasing their first HD colour video from space, with the mission statement quoted below.

“Today, we are continuing our advancement towards democratizing the Earth Observation industry, making timely Earth video and imagery from space accessible to everyone,” explained Scott Larson, UrtheCast Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “With the ultimate goal of connecting the planet and highlighting what unites us all, we’re revealing a perspective of Earth from space that was previously reserved for a small few. By opening up our API to the web development community, we’re providing collaboration tools that will help people monitor, protect, and benefit our world and will lead to the democratization of Earth observation imagery”

The final link is to UrtheCast’s website. Don’t take my word for it – immerse yourself in UrtheCast.