Our Inner Pagan

I don’t care who you are or what beliefs get you through the day, something about the summer solstice commands our inner Pagan. I’m not making this up. Imperceptible tendrils of ancient ceremony take root as solstice approaches.Everywhere I look, the subtle blush of anticipation betray the otherwise oblivious. Nature is a determined master.

Call me crazy, it doesn’t matter.Summer solstice plucks primordial, Go ahead – dance, sing, howl at the moon. Let your inner Pagan breathe. Happy solstice.



6 thoughts on “Our Inner Pagan

  1. Pagan urges are a lot more understandable than farfetched stories made up to explain why we are here or to justify our irrational actions.

    In France the summer solstice is celebrated as the “day of music” when streets in villages and cities alike are filled with people making music. The rest hangs out with drinks and barbecued whatevers and is just happy to be alive.

    Seriously – who wouldn’t want to celebrate the longest day of the year (other than those who prefer the shortest) ?

    Happy pagan day!

  2. Having been married on the winter solstice the summer solstice has had a fond meaning reminder quality for us having nothing to do with the sun, moon or stars. 🙂

    But we both long each year for the evening of day and night and the ascendance of LIGHT, glorious LIGHT! I’ve never been diagnosed with Seasonal Affected Disorder but boy do I rejoice as the days lengthen!

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