Jagged Little Pill

A few days ago it dawned on me – Alanis Morissette released Jagged Little Pill twenty years ago. “Holy crap, has it been 20 years” gave way to pondering kick ass rocker girls. Alanis wasn’t much of a rocker but oh man, was she pissed off.

Jagged Little Pill  wasn’t about empowerment. Unlike Vancouver’s own Bif Naked making herself perfectly clear in I Love Myself Today – Morissette sang from the bowels of twenty something angst. She managed to encapsulate prickly nuances of imploding relationships into a jagged little pill.

Jagged Little Pill worked because even if you thought the songs were stupid, juvenile lyrics were freaking awesome. No beating around the bush, “were you thinking of me when you f**ked her” – outstanding.





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