Vancouver Today

Vancouver witnessed a most unusual Sunday. Waking to tendrils of curled brown smoke across north shore mountains, we dismissed occasional whiffs of campfire memory in favor of a summer day without obligation. Heading downtown, we joined scores of revelers.  Oppressive heat wasn’t enough to squelch festivities as thousands of American tourists besieged Vancouver for the FIFA women’s World Cup final.

By 6 PM the wind shifted. Environment Canada issued a air quality advisory,  all residents were cautioned to keep doors and windows shut. Ash fell, the sun struggled to glow under curtains of opaque haze making it difficult to determine the time of day.

From trickles of wildfire smoke, to world cup shenanigans and an onslaught of fickle wind shifting smoke screens – this was Vancouver today.

bc fires

NASA satellite image showing smoke over B.C.

Secret Service presence on Robson St. for Joe Biden’s appearance at the FIFA World Cup women’s final.

U.S. fans outside B.C. Place.


2015-07-05 14.58.25

Brazilian fans lead parade from “fan zone” to the stadium.

Smoke from wildfires in the interior of British Columbia blanket downtown Vancouver, B.C. Sunday,...

Vancouver skyline obstructed by wildfire haze.